Hyaku ma no Shu / Lord of Hundred Demons


Title:  Hyaku ma no Shu (Dropped)
Alternate names: Hyaku ma no Omo, Lord of Hundred Demons

Author : Aoi Yamato


SynopsisMerea was summoned to a place called “Sacred Mountain of Lindholm” where spirits gather upon their death. He was called upon using an Otherworldly Grass which found it’s way to his world. The reason for summoning him was to dispel the lingering attachment and/or regrets of a group of heroic spirits from another world.

Brought up as a hero to dispel regrets, the era of the world made him into a demon lord instead.

Syosetsu: http://ncode.syosetu.com/n8125cd/

Table of Contents

Volume 01: The Spirits and The Demon Lord.
Chapter 01 : “A very beautiful otherworldly flower.
Chapter 02 : “Come Forth, Child of Heroic Spirits
Chapter 03 : “Merea/Mea
Chapter 04 : Chapter 4: “The Hero and The Demon King.
Chapter 05 : “Technique God’s Evil Eyes.”
Chapter 06 : “Your future in two words: Demon King.”
Chapter 07 : “The demon pelt that they made”
Chapter 08 : “Flounder Crow.
Chapter 09 : “The wind has ceased on the arrival of time.”

Volume 02 :

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