Hyaku ma no Shu – Chapter 01-

Chapter 01: A very beautiful otherworldly flower.


His remaining days are now over.

Swaying it’s body, the one the grim reaper came to meet was on a pure white hospital room and was glancing on the sky as if in a daze.

That day, because his condition improved, he was permitted to head out once more as if it was merely his last consideration.

Glancing on the limp hands he would’ve never imagined was his own before, he once again took a walk on the hospital.

At first there was lingering attachments but once you fully prepared yourself to death everything feels helpless.

As times goes by, you will eventually surrender them.

– I guess that’s life.

I’m also a bit interested as to what is there after death.

That’s why the last stroll that they permitted me wasn’t really that depressing.

So after taking a stroll around the hospital grounds, I decided to go back to my room.

Suddenly, it was around that time.

On my way back, on the corner of the lawn where plants grow, there was tall tree that calmly stood erected.

Below that tree, a purple plant that I have never seen before has suddenly sprouted its head.

— Just what kind of plant was that?

I, who couldn’t even probably move anymore and only had little vitality remaining, thought that it would be good to know a little more about this world. Even in my memories as someone who’ve carefully read animal and plant reference books in the past, have no recollection of any information regarding that plant.

Though it might simply just that I didn’t know about it, because I just can’t help but become curious over that plant, I asked the nurse attendant to take it back to my room.

The young nurse said “Which one is it?” and inclined her head, the me who became a bother, scooped it up and placed it in a suitable jar packed with soil.

After that, I spent my quiet days watching over the plant who grew fast in contrast to me who was about to die.


It’s been five days since then.

— The grim reaper stood before the hospital room.

It was a grim reaper with a beautiful face.

『Are you done, yet?』

With a soft smile, the grim reaper asked.
Coming to my side himself, this grim reaper is quite dutiful.

「I’m already fine.」

The grim reaper himself was not someone that would wait and wait forever,
but honestly, I have a bit of regret.

If only at the very least, I could see the flower of that plant bloom…..

That frail purple plant that was seemingly about to bloom, has begun to sprout flower buds.

I took the trouble of picking it up, because it was a plant that I grew, even on my last moments, I wanted to see it bloom it’s flower.

『Don’t worry. That flower will bloom right now. Just a little more, in about 10 seconds. 』

As if being able to see through my mind, the grim reaper said those words with a smile in his face.

Before I noticed, the grim reaper was already walking next to me.
He really had a lovely face, it was a seemingly genderless beautiful appearance.

Coming towards the jar, the grim reaper stretched out his hands.

『When the flower blooms, it would be the start of your departure.』

The grim reaper caressed the flower buds seemingly filled with affection.
Afterwards, glancing towards my direction, the grim reaper emitted a smile in the same manner.

「I see. As long as I could see it’s flower, that’s fine with me.」

『Well then, let’s watch over the plant together and wait.』

Then after that, only silence filled the room.

The needle of the clock quietly declared the time.

In the middle of that, while the body that was heavy have slowly began to feel light, as the dazzling sunlight entered the corner of my eye sight, — finally that time has arrived.

The flower buds began to shake and sway.
Will the flower bloom or will it not? Even my worries have began to sway and fro.

— Go

— Finally, show me your flowers.

And then,

The Flowers–


It was very beautiful, and gave of a faint light—

Really….how beautiful–

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