Hyaku ma no Shu – Chapter 02 –

Chapter 02 : Come forth, Child of Heroic Spirits.

〈Sacred Mountain of Lindholm〉.

It was the holy mountain that every living thing will meet upon their death.

The destination of those spirits who arrived on the sacred mountain will change depending on the magnitude of their regrets, some will ascend to the heaven, some will have to wait on its foot waiting for “something” to dispel their regrets.
— The festive place of the waiting spirits.
And at the peak of that holy mountain of Lindholm, was a place were particularly strong ones among those spirits riddled with regrets gather.


「I found an otherworldly flower.」
「Seriously? Things went smoothly huh?」
「The truth is, you just couldn’t admit that you weren’t able to successfully have someone cross over those spirits right?」
「There’s also that but the fact that this otherworldly plant has connected to another one from a separate world is already a miracle in itself already right?」
On that place, countless voice emanated.

On the rough summit filled with stone.
Fierce wind blown and scattered about on the wreckage of snow.

On that space painted with white and gray, spirits with transparent body—
「Though we’re a spirit, having a hundred gather in a place is a suffocating. Distance yourselves a bit from me.」

「Don’t say that. Everyone is interested you know? After all our child will be born.」

–Numbered to a hundred.

In the middle of the spirit that gathered, there was only one existence with a body.

Lying on the ground with his face upwards, his white hair fluttered with the wind.

However, it doesn’t move an inch. It was as if it didn’t have life in it.

「Though in some way, we can make a body within the substance of our souls, there’s no proper contents inside of it. Even worse than a corpse. It’s only a doll.」

「The child who will clear away our regrets. This body was made of the sum of our souls. Though there’s no mistake that it’s brimming with potential, if the one inside is good-for-nothing, I’d be troubled.」

「Greedy will ruin you. — though we’re already ruined.」

「I’m not being greedy. Whether it has a talent or not doesn’t matter, I won’t complain as long as the soul has a strong, noble spirit to not despair from isolation or rough times.」

「That itself is being greedy though. But firstly, will it come or not. We can’t entrap a soul in this world after all. The ascending ones are swallowed by the “Heavenly sea of the souls” and those who remain are only broken ones.」

「We are not an exception. Therefore, for us to clear away our regrets, we must call upon a proper otherworldly soul.」

「That’s right. Anyhow, as Tyrant said, will it properly cross over? The 〈mana〉that the otherworldly grass emitted in its roots have certainly crossed worlds.The roots that crossed the world have indeed successfully connected on the opposite one. When its flower blooms the gate will open.」

「Though everything was left to miracles, everything went well huh? — Really, I never saw an otherworldly plant even during the time I was alive. I thought it was merely a fairy tale.」

「Everyone’s like that. Even I, it’s my first time, or rather, for an otherworldly grass to cross worlds, I’m sure everyone would be the same.」

Numerous voice emanated.
A voice of a man, a voice of a woman.
For some reason, all of them were seemingly excited.

「It’s about time for the other world’s flower to bloom. As for where it leads to, I will confirm by following the trail of the mana.」

「Be careful. If your soul was trapped in the interval of the worlds, everything will ended up as a failure.」

「Properly guide him okay? The soul of our son.」

「Leave it to me. We made it this far and I wouldn’t make a blunder.」

He was one of the spirits.

The man with a tall and lean figure and had a gender less beautiful face, softly bowed his head.

Immediately after that, the body of that man disappeared as if it flowed with the wind.

The other spirits could only watch the man’s body dissipate with a face filled with belief.
In the midst of them, someone uttered a wish.

「Please come, child of great spirits.」

Those words dissolved into the sky and was carried by the wind.

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