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Our Staff:

Translator : Enori
Editor #1 : Peter
Editor #2 / Proofreader : Deus Ex Machina

(Edit as of 05/08/2020)
Translator: Aoitenshi
Editor #1: Myuuchi (Peter where’d u go :00 )
Editor #2/Proofreader: Anonymous Jackal

The notion of translating started when I have decided to read raws in order to expand my comprehension of the language and someone suggesting that if that’s the case why not make a translation website for it?

This translation project is only made for the sake of learning the Japanese language better and sharing those wonderful novels to those interested hence, I might make translation mistakes from here and there. Please if you notice such, kindly– or you can even do it rudely– point it out.

For comments, suggestions and copyright inquiries, please contact me by filing up the ‘contact us’ page found on the misc menu.

That’s all

— Enori

Current Projects:

Title: Falling in love with a Villainess Noble Girl
Author: 月野文人/Tsukino Ayato

(Disclaimer :  I do not own these works and it belongs to their respective owners)