You have arrived in the world of the dead….. translation projects. This section is dedicated for the abandoned temporarily or not, translation projects. Although we feel sorry to those who follow their released, they were abandoned in hopes of that they will be taken over by those who would give better justice to them.

We feel sorry for this matter.

1.) Title: Hyaku ma no Shu (Dropped)
Alternate names: Hyaku ma no Omo, Lord of Hundred Demons

Author : Aoi Yamato

Taken over by: Chaffeur TL

2.) Title : Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
Alternatives: Falling in love with the villainess, Falling in love with the villainess noblegirl,  悪役令嬢に恋をして




When he woke up he was already in that world. Not even having to meet the God, neither being given a cheat ability, he had suddenly reincarnated into a boy. Not even given time to think about his situation, he was already dragged into a heavy situation. While having hired as a valet of the heir of the aristocratic household,  he had discovered an astonishing secret of this world.

To protect those important to him, the boy was determined to fight against the world, no matter how reckless it may seem.

Table of Contents:

  1. Prologue:
    1. Suddenly Committing Murder Is Too Heavy!
    2. In The End, Just Who The Heck Am I?
    3. For The Time Being, My Job Is Decided!
    4. The First Day Of The Valet!
    5. I Have Gotten Considerably Used To My Livelihood.
    6. I Can’t Keep Any Secrets From Ojou-sama!
    7. I Have Matured A Bit– No A Lot.
  2. In the Game – Academy Part:
    1. Event : The season of encounters
    2. Being followed by a weird woman.
    3. Something like a “summer vacation” doesn’t concern valets.
    4. Devising a method of defeating a rival
    5. Having a distinct appearance is of grave importance in Drama.
    6. Event : Excursion (First Half)
    7. Event : Excursion (Second Half)
    8. There Is Something Odd About This World
    9. The Resolve to Defy the World
    10. Action, Action, Action
    11. The Day of the Villainess’ Ascend to the Stage
    12. The Desires of the Villainess
    13. Even the Villainess has Gentle Days Sometimes
    14. Their thoughts
    15. The Devil Stirs (First Half) 
    16. The Devil Stirs (Second Half)
    17. The Crown Prince’s Yearning
    18. The Shocking Truth
    19. A Weapon Obtained
    20. Event: The Academy Ball
    21. The New Target of Malice
    22. A World No One Can Go Against
    23. Event: The Denunciation of the Villainess
    24. Repentance Comes Too Late
    25. Vincent Woodville
    26. The Value of What Was Lost
    27. The Event’s Unchanged Outcome
    28. The Conclusion Of The Royal Academy Arc
  3. In the Game – Strategy Part:
    1. The Feeling Of Getting Deceived
    2. The First Undertaking As The Feudal Lord
    3. The First Step Forward
    4. The New Feudal Lord That Is The Seed Of All Worries
    5. Side Event: The Schemes Of The Devils
    6. Overlapping Feelings, Different Nations
    7. The World Moves
    8. Event: The Royal Ball
    9. Overlapping Expectations
    10. One More Step Forward
    11. The Prepared Stage
    12. Event: Defense Of Harcourt
    13. An Unexpected Outcome
    14. The Poor Feudal Lord That Can’t Catch A Breath
    15. A Proven Capability
    16. The Worst Possible First Impression
    17. His Reason To Fight
    18. The Bandeaux School of Fencing
    19. Event: The Defense of Nyegert
    20. Maria’s Agitation
    21. Unnoticed Desires
    22. A Moment of Respite
    23. Birth Of A Hero
    24. Heart to Heart