FILWTV 97th Chapter

For the time of the decisive battle


The King Heal Kingdom was destroyed and the Kingdom of the Grand Flam which absorbed the power almost as it was started started to recapture the Kingdom. Do not know that this is the development that the Great Alexander Empire wants.

Even if you just knew, the decision of the Grand Flam kingdom would have not changed. There are few options. As long as you hold down the center, the defense line of the Grand Flam kingdom extending north can not help long. It is a range that can not be covered by the existing fighting force, and even if it is forcibly placed, it becomes only a form and does not make any meaning.

On the other hand the Great Alexander Empire has the freedom to choose from the center, a thin place in the defense game on the side of the Grand Flaming Kingdom and attack.

This is an overwhelmingly disadvantageous situation for the Kingdom of the Grand Prix, and can not stay in a position to protect it.

Fly the capital promptly. This decision was inevitably determined, especially if the Great Alexander Empire does not work.

“Is there no response from Fatilaas Kingdom?”

Even if we attack the kingdom, the Kingdom of the Grand Prix does not think that we are just placing troops and attacking them. The capital is the place where the Great Alexandros Empire is also the capital. I do not need to investigate things that are harder than I know.

You have to hit as many hands as possible. The fight with Fatilars Kingdom is one of them, but this is not going well.

“The reply is coming, but before the opponent attacks the kingdom, we are first seeking a sweeping of the Alexandros army in Fatilars kingdom territory”

To the question of King King of Gran Phram, the Prime Minister of Cade made present explanations.

“It is a good story of insects”

“Yes, because we are about to purge ourselves not from the Alexandros army but from the people in our country.”

“… What do you mean?”

By the words of Prime Minister Shade himself alone I do not know what the King Grand Flam is doing. I knew only what was indeed a dubious situation, a bad feeling spreading in the king’s hearts.

“In short, it is a rebellion by the people, but Alexandros seems to be drawing strings on the back, which seems to be quite large.”

“Do you say that Alexandros is instigating the people?”


“How did he do Fatilars did so much evil?”

The people of the Kingdom of Fatiraas were originally the Fatirath Hou, or the citizen of the subordinate aristocrat. I can not say that it is hot in loyalty, but without extra things, I could not think that it would be attached to a rare Lancelot.

“I have not heard such a story, I will overthrow the privilege class and regain freedom and equality, which seems to be a rebellious side.”

“I understand the privileged class, but what is freedom and equality? What is it specifically asking?”

With the words freedom and equality alone, I do not know what this people in the world is. In this world where there are only royalty and aristocracy, inconvenience and inequality are commonly accepted, and people rarely feel doubts about it.

“Equality seems to say that the ability of that person is appreciated correctly regardless of birth or origin, and that we can get the appropriate treatment for it.”

“…… Hmm … Ideal, but difficult in reality”

To emphasize birth or origin is not just discrimination but also education. If born in a knight’s house, education as a knight is done from an early age. Like aristocrats, knowledge necessary for taking charge of domestic affairs and government is learned from a young age.

No matter how much the head is good there is no opportunity for farmers’ children to be educated enough to work as a civilian. If you do not learn you will not acquire academic skills, you can not demonstrate your ability.

“Freedom seems to be various such as freedom of occupation selection, freedom of marriage afterwards”

“… … It is also impossible, that is, is it a different world system?”

“There is no doubt that the administrator or civilian of this world does not come up with anything, even if you think of it, you will judge that you can not do it the same way as us.”

Even if you bring in only the concept, it can not be realized. Noble lady of the aristocrat can not be married to the farmers’ house, and vice versa. Equality education system for all citizens, at least this is necessary, enormous cost is required to realize this.

“Why did the people ride on such a crap?”

“Because it is a people, I do not know that it is impossible for the people to realize.” If you sing the ideal, I will ride it. ”

“That does not mean that you will face the lords and the country”

The thing is a life. The king does not understand the feelings of the people who take a big deal of revolt.

“The instigators are also great at excellence.Although I finally found out various things this time, Alexandros seems to have done things consciously considering things such as the people’s reputation quite a lot”

“People’s reputation ……”

The king remembered that it was the worst of the Grand Flam kingdom. From the time the people ‘s feelings departed from the royal family, the decline of the Grand Flam kingdom seems to have started.

And the reason for that … … King Grand Flam remembered it after a long time.

“It was thought that it was conscious of the popular reputation that let Winhill attack the Kingdom.”

“What do you mean?”

“It is like this in the Alexander’s controlling area, the Grand Franrum Kingdom who made the Wynn healer revolt, there is no power to rule the country, so that Alexander can rule, even a single day of warfare It is the brave who was called to this world from another world and the mission of the true king who was chosen as the brave ”

“… … what a wonderful thing”

The trigger of war is the rebellion of Lancelot. I brush it aside and justify their actions.

“People do not know the truth, they will receive the rumor that comes in as the truth, even if it was a rumor that was intended to be flushed, I can not judge that it is genuine”

“Yeah, but this way of doing”

Information manipulation, information dissemination. To this the Kingdom of Granfram has suffered many times.

“I have not heard of the story that the Axmia Hou had this power in this hand, but I’m afraid not just to imitate it”

“… … Have you been robbed of the organization, but how?”

The unknown power that Rion had. This was what the Grand Francam kingdom had always wanted to get.

“Nowadays, I regret that I should have thought simply.”

“Does that mean that you know where Lyon’s power is?”

“I think now that the poor-town was like that”

If there are collaborators in Rion, residents of the poor community are influential. There is no connection other than the Wynn healer and the poor neighborhood to Rion. However, the Kingfisher of Grand-Flam did not think that the poor-town is the organization itself.

“Why do you have the power of that to the utmost to live?”

This is the best reason. If there is such power, the poor city can not be a poor city. The impression of the former poor city was unable to dispel the upper part of the Kingdom of the Grand Flam.

It was unfortunate that the core of Rion ‘s organization had already dive into the deeper part of the poor city, and conversely went outside when the Grand Flamen Kingdom entered the investigation.

“I built that poor city as an intelligence organization and brought it up further, was not he able to do it?”

“But, the poor city … ….”

“This is just an imagination, and even if you know the fact, it is probably too late.”

“… … That’s right.”

The power that the Grand Flam kingdom was seeking is in the hands of the Great Alexander Empire. If so, it is more likely that it is different from the old organization. Now, arguing has no meaning.

“The matter of Fatilars and that of Fatilars is not only instigating it by just ideals but we are using realities as bait.”

The Prime Minister of Cade returned the story to the main line.


“It seems that Alexander promises the status of the first citizen of Alexander to those who gave a hand.”

“What is the first citizen?”

“Alexandros has categorized the people, the first citizen, this is Kanzawa’s citizen who was mainly ruled by Lancelot, close to the Small Lord as a treatment, the second is a second-class citizen and former Axumia Hou and his subordinate aristocratic people, this is a common citizen. ”

“Are you still there?”

There is a lower level of the general public. This surprised the King of Gran Pham.

“Yes, the citizens of the second class, this is nearly slave, it is overworked as a labor force”

She said that she is close to slaves, but in fact it is a slave itself. To miss the word of slavery, they are simply called as citizens.

“What is freedom and equality, is not it the opposite thing you are doing?”

“That’s right, we are making a privilege class and its opposite exploited class while shouting over the privilege class, it is clear that it is only a subject for instigating the people.”

“Can you not make the second peoples revolt?”

“I think that it is difficult now, even to instigate, we need time to infiltrate those people, and we can not show what deserves to bet our lives”

“…… That’s right, what is going to happen in the end?”

The story has a considerable detour. The King of the Grand Flam became wanting to organize the story a little.

“The dispatch of reinforcements to the Kingdom of Fatiraas needs to see a little more. The enemy is a people.And it is a bad stuff in the country, strange rumors are made in the country, the rebellion can spread.”

The Prime Minister Shade stated a conclusion at once in response to the question of the king. Mr. Seide himself also felt that he took quite a bit of time to talk. There are still many things to talk about.

“OK, keep on examining the situation continuously”

“I was aware”

“Well, then Fatira’s cooperation can not be obtained in the operation of the Kingdom capture recall”

“Yes, it will be done only in our country”

“… What about Okusu and Hashi?”

It is an important strategy not to say an exaggeration to say that the success or failure of the capital recall decides the fate of the Grand Flam kingdom. King Gran Phlam was also expecting the activity of the Okus army and the Hashi kingdom army seen in the fight with the win heel this time as well.

“Both countries refused about this reinforcement request”

“What is it all about?”

I cooperate at the time of the fall and regain momentum, I refuse it. The ideas of both countries can not be understood by the king.

“The reason for telling was conservative.”

“What is the reason?”

According to the words of the Prime Minister Shade, apparently the two countries are likely to not be the reasons behind it, the king seems a bit relieved.

“The trend of the Merika kingdom troops that have been unknown, this has become clear”

“What if it is a Melika kingdom? No way did he attack the Kingdom of Ok?”

The expression of the king is also stiff. If we face conflict with the Melika kingdom here, it will not be a chance to recapture the kingdom.

“No, the Melika kingdom attacked against the Tohoku alliance”

“… … Okus and the east of the Hashi kingdom?”

It is about the countries that are across the country and the Melika kingdom. Even if I know the name of the Association of East Asian countries, the reality is not much inside the king’s head. It probably was not interested in gathering small countries. It is an arrogance of a great country.

“Yes, before the fight with our country, it is probably the easing plutonism, as we have been thinking about this”

“But it is not that I have attacked the Kingdom of Okus and the Kingdom of Hashi, is it still the case now?”

That Kingdom of Melika lost to the Association of the Eastern Province was King Grand Franm without thinking at all.

“No, I can not afford it in the Melika Kingdom, the invasion of the Association of the East Federation failed and it seems that the Mérica kingdom side is being pressed.Okus and the Melika do not know how the Tohoku Union is going I am saying I can not move the army. ”

“There is nothing to be said about such a stupid? The Association of the East Asian countries, but it should not be a coalition with the power to resist the Melika kingdom.”

“That is … … the mercenary team hired by the Tohoku alliance seems to be surprisingly strong”


King Grandoflam does not know the existence of a mercenary group. Not only King Grandoflam but also Mr. Seide is the one I know about this place. The Shade Premier was also the first thing I knew about this time.

“The soldier hired by money, the army.”

“Are such people in the eastern part?”

“Originally it seems that those who are confident in their arms and knight misses who have lost their jobs began with the fact that they began contracting the monsters with money, so that small groups of people could cooperate with each other It seems that it has expanded to the extent that it can be called a corps. ”

“Well … until the war?”

“The more you evil, the less work you have done, it seems that you got to do whatever work you can do.”

“But, it is said that it will be able to win the Melika kingdom just because it has suppressed it …”

“It is incredible, but it seems to be true, of course that the Melika Kingdom is being pushed down only because that mercenary group is not the cause but the Melika kingdom struggled to the Association of the East Asian countries, It seems big that I joined the fight with the Melika Kingdom. ”

Even the participation in the southern part was not transmitted as a mercenary group’s plan.

“… … even south?”

The war has spread all over the continent, not just the Grand Flam kingdom. King Gran Phlam thought that time is exactly a rogue. For the King it is a fact that bitter emotions come up.

“Thankfully that it is impossible to afford to intervene in the Kingdom of Melika, but the Kingdom of Okus and the east of the Kingdom of Hashi are in contact with the Association of East Asian countries, It could be a new threat. ”

“… What shall we do?”

“There is nothing I can do, for the moment I will leave it to both countries and I will recapture the capital as soon as possible so that this is what Japan should do”

“That’s right.”

Even if you acquire the information, there is no power in the Kingdom of the Grand Prix today to take advantage of it. The choice does not change at all.

As a result, the Grand Flam Kingdom will start to move towards the capital recapture.

◇ ◇ ◇

The opposite of Bandou. It is the Kanzawa that Lancelot governed at the western end of the former Grand Franca kingdom territory, now the Great Alexandros Empire territory. All of the political functions have already been transferred to Kyoto and Tokio, Kanzawa has been treated as a marginal territory as before, but the iron-making industry that has become the source of the power of the Great Britanni empire is still vigorous.

It is known at the moment of entering Kanzawa territory.

“… … terrible”

Looking at the sight that stretches in front of us, Lion muttered as a pot.

The green that would have been rich in the mountains that can be seen in the distance remained absurd and exposed the reddish mountain skin. It is a result of excessive logging.

Black smoke rising from all over the territory. It is smoke from the ironworks and charcoal mills, but just looking at it, I feel somewhat breathing.

“Go ahead”

I tell Alice to accompany, but Alice does not respond to this. With glaring eyes, I just stare at the surrounding landscape.

Still, when Rion walked forward, Alice also started walking behind.

I get off at the foot from the foot of the border. The situation is getting worse. Actually it is dirty indeed and I feel resistance to breathing if I do not raise the cloth around my neck to the mouth.

“… … In this world, do not you see something pollution?”

Losing eyes on a stream flowing beside the road, Rion murmured as a storm. The flowing water is stagnant and something like oil is floating on the surface.

Rion does not know until actually harmful, but I have never seen such a sight in this world.

The sources of power in this world are the spirits. And rich nature is the power of the spirits. The sight in front of me seems to be like Rion, as it is out of the theory of this world.

“… … It was also to make this an excuse to take the trouble and came to the Grand Flam to show this?”

Alice who kept silent for a long time finally uttered a word.

“Oh, I heard that something is going wrong, so it is important for you in the former world”

“And hopefully I saw this, would you allow me to go back to Grand Flam?”

Alice looks like a glaring eye for Lion. Responding to it with a bitter smile, Rion also opened her mouth.

“… Well, I do not say that I did not feel like that at all, but I did not expect it to be here”

“The devilish devil had influence, did not he?”

Four elements of iron, poison, darkness and gold were the reasons of the devil. There are certainly parts that do not match.

“No, it is the influence of another world.There are a variety of civilization, science and calling, they have always destroyed nature.I have science to protect nature, but what about me, how about me, if I do not even people, nature is rich I was going back to the state. ”

“… … is that Ryo’s idea?”

“About the different world, so it will be so”

“What do you think is the opposite personality, after all, do you dislike human beings both Frey and Ryo?”

“… … Maybe so”

Right and Frey, not two things, reason and instinct, may be oneself. Such a thought occurred to the head of Rion suddenly.

“So what can you do with this?”

“… … I have already known the people in this world, and it is impossible to forget it.”

“Well …”

“But you can erase the culprits, and if everything goes well you can also prevent spreading even temporarily”

If it is what the cause is, that is Mary who brought in knowledge of another world. Killing that Mary is one of the revenge which is the purpose of Rion, among them the most important thing.

“… …. I see, it’s not for your purpose, after all.”

“Even so, did not it match your purpose?”

“… … I regret, but what do you do first?”

Even if you are not in the world, you can not forgive imitating the reason of this world. Alice, which is based on four elements, is also nature itself.

“Return to the East”


“I will never fail again, for that reason some detour is necessary.”

“… I got it, then let’s go back.”

Lion and Alice went back to the fight against the Melika kingdom to the Association of the Eastern Nations. Also come back to Gran Phram. For that day.


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