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Shikoku disturbance


Kingdom of Gramflam was in the form of the Kingdom of Alexandros in the west, the former Kingdom of Winghill in the north and the Kingdom of the Wing, the Kingdom of Fatilars in the south and the Kingdom of the Guramhuram in the eastern part. However, this composition will collapse in only a few months.

The army of the heel heel retreats from the kingdom. Instead, the Alexandros army occupied the Kingdom, changed the country name to the Great Alexandros Empire. Lancelot was to call the emperor.

In the name of Lancelot who became the emperor, the order of the Wyn Heal Kingdom, Fatiraas Kingdom, and Grand Flamen Kingdom was ordered to be obedient.

In response to this order, Erwin, the king of Winheel Kingdom, instantly pledged his minister and, instead, was given the absolutely inviolable autonomy right in the Kingdom of Wynn heal. There was a close collusion in advance.

On the other hand, the situation of Fatilars Kingdom and Gran Phuhlam Kingdom was unable to grasp the situation due to a busy movement that does not understand what it is. I do not even know why the emperor is why they have to swear the cabinet.

Of course not only the Kingdom of Gran Phram but also the Kingdom of Fatiraas was to refuse the minister.

Imperial city of Great Alexandros Empire Kiyoto. If the occupied territory of the Kingdom of the Grand Flam is overcomprehensible, the capabilities of the Imperial Capital will be moved to that, but now the politics of the Great Alexandros Empire is still taking place at this Kyoto.

It is Mary who became the Empress of Great Alexandros Empire sitting on that throne. Emperor Lancelot led the army, so now Maria is in charge of political affairs.

“I understand Grand Flam but have you also refused Fatiraasu?”

Maria seems dissatisfied with his report.

“Because it is suddenly a matter of ministering, is it reasonable?”

My son has a good deal. However, this remark was somewhat irrational.

“… … Do you say that you, the Empress, have a non-existence?”

“No, no, in such a thing …”

In the expression of Mary ‘s anger, the vassal has turned his face palpated by his vindication. To his people, now Maria is not Mary earlier. Before becoming the Empress, it was Mary who was tenderly tied to anyone, but now there are things that I do not like a bit, sometimes I will sin.

Many thought that people gained power and changed people, but this is a mistake. It was not acting for people to change, but for those who were kind to everyone was acting to gain the pleasure of the vassal, this is yet to be known.

“I’ll forgive this time”

Maria is in a good mood to see the scary expression of his minister. In this way, I am pleased to see my power.

“Haa. Thank you.”

“Go down … Well, what are you going to do next?”

The line of sight of Mary faces the civil servant standing diagonally to the left. Great Alexander the Imperial Chancellor Bordeaux Cohen, former Mary ‘s capture target. Maria had collected the offenders who let go of it once, for four years. To that member, furthermore, from among the vassals of Lancelot, collecting favorites and giving up “Team Maria” is indeed too explicit, so we are creating an organization named the Guard.

For the founding chief of the Bordeaux Chancellor, he was taken over by the civilian position as he was bought by his mentor and departed from the SDF.

“It is almost as planned as it is expected, although it was easy if we looked at the treatment of the winemeal kingdom and imitated the Fatilaas kingdom, it is ok if we got the opportunity to add the southern part directly to the territory ”

“Well, why do you leave the Grand Flam kingdom to Elwin?”

If the Great Alexander Empire takes over by the Fatilás kingdom, the Kingdom of Winheel will fight against the kingdom of the Grand Flam. It is such a promise.

Due to the request from Elwin side, I am feeling that I do not want to allow the Great Alexander Empire to expand its influence. Even though it is ministerial, Elwin is leaving ambition.

“That’s a promise for that.”

“How about if this is Gran Phlam Kingdom, letting Elvin take Fatirathu?”

Maria wants to fight Kingdom of Gran Pham. I hope to fight and let the ark of Arnold break his knees in front of him.

“There is a Melika kingdom beyond Fatirasu, well, I can attack even from the east, what do you think?”

The Minister of Bordeaux does not clearly deny Mary’s idea. That is why Maria likes such consideration.

“Are you going to take Erwin to the Melika Kingdom?”

“The possibility can not be completely denied, but there is a chance”

The Prime Minister Bordeaux does not think that the Kingdom of Winheel alone can fight the Melika Kingdom. The Great Alexander Empire can do it because there is a new weapon called a firearm.

The possibilities are supposed to be unlimited, but in other words the way the opponent sees changes.

“If you get to Melika Elwin will be on the right ……”

Maria is also aware of Erwin ‘s ambition. It is a relationship that I spent a long time together. I know Elwin ‘s personality and so on.

“To the contrary, there is the possibility of struggling to fight against the Grand Flam Kingdom, because there are soldiers of Bandou in the Grand Flam kingdom”

Raymond gave the exact opposite thing. The Prime Minister Bordeaux, if anything, is thinking about this possibility.

The battle between the Kingdom of Winheel and Gran Phram kingdom will be prolonged, during which time his country will pay the Fatiláth Kingdom, and the Merika kingdom beyond that. If you go so far, the whole continent will fall to the Great Alexandros Empire.

If you talk about this, Maria will be willing to choose the way to attack the Kingdom of Fatilás, but the Prime Minister Bordeaux is afraid of the time he was not.

“… … Is it still strong?”

Maria has witnessed the strength of the Bando army in the demonic champion. First of all, Bando army troubled Maria more than the previous deployment.

“It seems that Arnold ‘s direction has greatly expanded its military power, I think separately, I think that comprehensively it is stronger than before.”

“Oh, no, what should I do?”

The Princess Bordeaux’s eyebrow slightly distorts. I realized that it was a failure to talk about Bando. Maria has a sense of inferiority to the bandu troops. The Prime Minister Bordeaux did not know this.

Maria does not recognize inferiority complex. I will definitely try to get rid of it. There was the possibility of choosing the fight with the bandu army.

“… good … I will keep something fun afterwards”

As a result of thinking for a while, this word came out from the mouth of Mary. As Prime Minister Bordeaux I am relieved. You can proceed to the strategy that seems to be the best.

“We will prepare for the suppression of the Kingdom of Fatilaas”

“When will it be around?”

“As soon as the emperor’s handling of the new empire Tokio is completed, we are planning a month later.”

“Well, then, I have to move my body for a while”

“… … His Majesty the Empress is on hand?”

This was an unexpected thing of the Prime Minister Bordeaux.

“You do not need to have a lot of actual experience until a time when you settle down with the Bando army because you will lead the guard, right?”


“What is it that the Prime Minister is dissatisfied with the fact that I stand on the battleground, is I a brave?”

“… No, I accepted, I will proceed with preparation.”

The Prime Minister Bordeaux knows that Maria’s explanation is an excuse. I was a former guard.

From the time of the academy, the root of Mary has not changed. The guards who have both skill and beauty are Mary’s inverse harem staff.

However, now that he became the Empress, Mary was lightly unable to meet a man. Even if I meet you, the maid is always on the side. Mary felt this cramped. You can move freely if you are outside the castle. This is the reason why he wants to enter the battlefield.

Even if I know it, the Prime Minister Bordeaux can not say anything. Speaking of it, I know that disasters will affect myself as well.

◇ ◇ ◇

The Kingdom of King Gurfuram who was deprived of the kingdom fell east while trying hard to concentrate the royal kingdom knight troops. Northeast South, as it all became independent kingdoms, there is no way to go only east.

Then the destination will be Bando territory.

The Grand Flamen kingdom decided to counterattack based on Bando territory at the eastern end, Kakark. Just a thing is not easy. The dominant territory of the Grand Flam Kingdom is the smallest of the four countries. Noble families riding a losing horse, etc. can not be rare, there is no hope of increasing the number of allies on the side.

In order to break down the current situation, a meeting is held every day in Kamark. Even though we discuss it, we can not find a solution etc, but we can not do anything other than discussion.

“… … Is it impossible for the alliance with Fatiraas?”

The King of Grand Flam, who had heard silent discussions, muttered as Potsli.

If you join the alliance, you will recognize the independence of Fatilars Hou. To such an extent, the King of the Grand Flam is being chased.

“Is it okay to ask the alliance?”

Ask the fears of Grandfurum Kingdom’s Prime Minister Seido Lightham. If you do not do anything, it will just pass away. If the alliance can be tied to the Prime Minister Shade also, I would like to connect.

However, this is also to give up giving up the original Grand Franram Kingdom. It is uneasy about how the king knows and tells.

“There are only about this to prevent extinction, and I do not know if Fatilizer will accept it.”

“Yes, but Fatiraas is also being chased, Aksmia in the north, the Melika kingdom in the southeast.

There is a possibility that the Melika kingdom will overpower this plane. Due to the division of the Grand Flam kingdom, the power relationship is reversed. If you want to deal only with Fatihras, you will definitely win the Merika Kingdom.

“Well, send me a messenger.”


“After that, since Fatilars’ answer came”

King Grand Flam is obviously out of energy. It takes more than two months to send a messenger and come home. In the meantime, not being able to do anything can not be forgiven.

“How about a counter attack strategy?”

Here Arunold ‘s prince opened its mouth. King Arnold came to make Bandou the center of his counterattack. Just being waiting for the return of the messenger, I can not stand it.

“It’s because the alliance is connected”

“To join an alliance, you must be recognized as worthy to the other party.”

“… … Are you going to have no value?”

Actually it is not worth much. The power of the Kingdom of the present Grand Flam is inferior in all aspects than the former Hou. It is barely only the number of men close to five minutes. The number of soldiers is also the fewest when compared with the army of the three kingdoms after independence.

Although this fact should be known, King Grandoflam has not been able to accept it. I am applying for an alliance from here, I think that it is enough for alliance conditions only by allowing independence.

“Then, after concluding an alliance, how do you plan to move concretely?”

“What did you say?”

“Lancelot and Elwin are in a ministerial relationship, even if Japan and Fatiraas have an alliance, they are inferior in every way, there is no reason for them to be afraid of our country because of our alliance, eventually fighting and strengthening our power We have to show off. ”

“… … I know such things”

“Let’s promptly plan the anti-battle strategy, no matter how much time you have, it’s not enough.”

“If you think so, please make a recommendation from you first”

Grand Franm King and King Arnold