FILWTV 92nd Update

The collapse of the Grand Flam Kingdom

The waves of great disturbance came to the Kingdom of the Grand Flam. Lancelot finally started acting aggressively.

Lancelot began to take aggressive measures when a majority of the subordinate aristocracy of Axmia Hou got into the camp. It moved to the subjugation of subordinate aristocrats not obeying.

The two aristocrats who showed a hard posture were brought down, and the subordinate aristocrat who opportunistically flowed to the runslot camp all at once. This means that two-thirds have flown to the Lancelot camp.

As soon as this happens, there is no chance of winning the Marquis Aksmere camp. I approached the restoration of Lancelot and tried to settle the condition on the condition that the family members immediately handed over.

However, the Lancelot side refused this. On the contrary the Marquis of Aksmir and the condition of accepting subordination by the death of Lancelot’s younger brother. The intention of Mary is working on this. If allowed here, the Axtreme Hou will remain. What Maria is seeking is not the country of the Axmia Hou family, but Mary and her husband Lancelot. You can not allow existence that might threaten your own power.

Such a condition can not be accepted by Marquis of Aksmir. However, the Lancelot side did not intend to present conditions to Marquis of Aksmire. I will save my life if I give my brother and his married couple and their married couple, Aksmia, they showed it to others.

And someone who rides on them got out and the Marquis of Aksmia and his brother were to be killed and Lancelot got all the power of the Axmia Hou.

With this, Marquis of Axmiria who is one of the three houses, family name will be discontinued regardless of the blood line.

Lancelot declared the foundation of Kingdom of Alexandros and called Lancelot Alexandros.

In this situation, the Kingdom of the Grand-Flam did not endure hands. We continued negotiations with Marquis of Aksmia, and after the Marquis of Aksmia was killed, we were encouraging subordinate aristocrats to leave Lancelot. But this did not work as expected. There were few aristocrat who made it.

In this way, the Kingdom of Granfriam is not a strategy but it has only to shift to the stage of strategy. We have not admitted the Kingdom of Alexandros, Grandfrerum, but we began preparing for the war.

The kingdom knight soldier mobilized was 600,000. To this, 20,000 each of Winheel Hou family army and Fatirars Hou family army will join. Total troops 100,000, the mobilization number nearly three times that of the Alexandros army.

Alexandros also advances the army according to the movement of the kingdom. The battleground was planned to be the Koshi basin in the place which advanced from the kingdom to the west by about three weeks.

However, the battle was to be held in places the Grand Flam kingdom would not have thought.

“Protect the castle gate! Do not allow enemy invasion!”

The cry of the Konoe Knight is echoing in the corridor of the royal castle. The inside of the castle is in great disorder in almost surprising circumstances.

The army of Wingheel Hou family who was supposed to participate in the fight with Alexandros was attacking. Betrayal betrays, the gates of the outer wall of the kingdom were surprisingly broken down, allowing the invasion of the Wynn Heil home forces of 30,000 to the Kingdom.

The Winheel Hou family forces quickly besieged Owl Castle. It is attacking from both the main gate and the back gate. The defensive kingdom knight troops and the knight guards are in poor condition. There are few Kingdom Knights soldiers left in the castle. Four thousand is also a good place to combine with the Konju Order which was stuffed in the castle.

That is not all. Although the Wingheel Hou family is a small unit, Elwin was invading King’s Castle before betrayal, as he was nominated for auditing the King. The small unit pulled the Winheel Hou family army heading for the back gate from the inside, into the castle.

“… … Your Majesty, please escape”

Advocate the head of the Knight Knight to let the king fall from the castle. It is impossible to push back enemies in the current situation. If the king gets to be killed here, the kingdom knight troops heading for the fight against Alexandros will also be destroyed.

It is believed that the Knight Order of the Knight Ornament has no choice but to escape once and try again.

“Where can I escape even if saying that to run away?”

“Before leaving the Kingdom first, if you can do it, decide where to settle down, gather the troops and move on to the capital recapture.”

It is not decided at this point such as where. I do not know at all what the circumstances of the kingdom are.

“I understand that … ….”

“I do not have time.

Knight chief of the Konoe Kishi urges the hesitant king to make a decision. There is a way to get out of the castle. The difficult thing is to shake out pursuers after they are missing. For that reason it is better for others to notice that they have escaped even if they are a little late.

“……I understood”

The king decided to escape from the kingdom. At this moment the fall of the Kingdom, the division of the Grand Flam kingdom was confirmed.

On the other hand, some people are trying to use this opportunity. It is Ariel. If the Kingdom falls, the Kingdom of Granfram will have no margin for Ariel. The possibility that pursuers will take even if you run away should be quite low.

The question is how to get out of the castle, the kingdom, but I have been preparing it for a long time. That’s when Ariel started living in the back of the castle.

The day when its preparation was finally useful was coming, but an unexpected hindrance appeared.

“It’s dangerous to stay here, leave the castle.”

Ariel does not say that he knows such a thing. I can not escape because you are here, well.

“Since we will prepare in a hurry, please let Prince Ou king escape earlier”

The disturbing person is King Arnold and his Knight Knights. King Arnold rushed to the back to save Ariel, but it is a nuisance for Ariel.

It is from the Kingdom of Gran Pham that Ariel escapes.

“That’s not the case, enemies have already penetrated into the castle, it’s dangerous just by Ariel.”

“The importance of His Imperial Highness is important to me, etc. The people of the Konoe Knight, is not it?”

Judging that persuasion by King Arnold was impossible, Ariel turned the story to Lambert and the Knight Knight.

“That is true, I think everyone should escape here.”

“We are dressed in our feet together, are you okay? Are you exposed to His Highness Prince Otto?”

“that is……”

For Lambert, King Arnold is the most important. It is shaken by the words of Ariel.

“There is no time to talk about this! Enemies will come soon!”

But here also Arnold ‘s prime broke into the story. Generally speaking, the argument of Prince Arnold is correct. It is impossible for Airier to cover it.

“… How do you leave the castle?”

I also know Ariel, so I decided to think about how to accompany Prince Arnold ‘s children. Once you leave the castle, you think that there is an opportunity to shake off as much as you can.

“There are hidden passages that the royal family knows only in the castle, and if you use it you can leave the capital without being known to the enemy.”

“… Is that really only royals?”


“Hundreds of years after this royal cast was made, has the secret been kept secret for a long time? Is it a hone house that is attacking?”

Hou houses burned ambitions as long as the same age, someday becoming a royal family. If you were looking at the information necessary for that way to drop the royal castle, it is difficult for secrets to remain secret. The obsession of this Hou family is that the royal family does not know.

“… there are a couple of things, everything should not be known”

“In other words, it can not be said that not all are known, there is a possibility that the hidden passage that Prince Ouutoshi wants to use is a loophole that happens to be seen in the princess”

“But you can not escape from the castle unless you use hidden passages.”

“… It’s OK, Sol will run away.”

I do not feel like going along with King Arnold. I can not go on to keep discussing. While showing a tired appearance, Ariel talked to Sol.

“Okay, let’s get away soon.”

There is no objection on Sol. First of all, you should give priority to getting through the castle. When listening to the words of Sol, Venus and Konoe maidens started moving. I started preparing to escape the castle.

“Hurry up, the hidden way is behind the majesty’s side”

I am mistaken that Prince Arnold heard his persuasion.

“I will not use it”


“Come with me, I’ll show you to a safe hidden way”

“… … What?”

With astonished Arnold’s rookie, Ariel embraces Frau and heads to the wardrobe dressed in the wall of the room. That door was already opened by the Venus, and the clothes that were inside were thrown to the floor one after another.

Pockery and holes are empty in the wall behind the wardrobe where clothes have been removed.

“Go ahead, please come with me”

Voice heard from the back darkness. It is the voice of a lurking bravod.

This hidden passage is confused by the refurbishment of the inner part of the back, and after four years thereafter, it was created by the Black Party. The hidden passage which originally existed is also used on the way. Examining from the inside of the castle, the hidden passage was easily found comparatively. That is why Ariel denied the words of King Arnold that he is not known to anyone.

The black party has new outlets and is connecting from there. The possibility of being ambushed at the exit should be as low as possible.

“I will go to the preceding unit”

Half of the Konoe maidservant enters the back of the chest of drawers. Everyone was armed with where they were hiding.

“Let’s get on, Charlotte also”


A sol that carries Frau unnoticed accompanies Ariel and Charlotte and enters the back. The other half of the Konoe maidens continued behind it.

“… … Your Highness”

Lambert speaks to King Arnold, who is staggering. Lambert himself is quite surprised, but he can not forget his position to protect Prince Arnold.

“… … That’s right, let’s go”

King Arnold decided to go with Ariel. While realizing that Ariel was Rion ‘s wife for the first time in a while.

◇ ◇ ◇

The way out of the hidden way is inside the building near the imperial city of the Kingdom. It looks like an inn, but in fact there are no guests, such as guests. It is the place the black party uses as the base of the kingdom.

Being close to the poor city, you can not see the army of the Winheel Hou. It will appear that the castle fell. The purpose is a woman. Whether you work wolf or pay money properly depends on the quantity of Erwin led by it. Since Erwin is not stupid, I do not think it will imitate antipathy of the citizens, but it is not necessarily thorough to the end soldiers.

When leaving the building and entering the poor city, the residents of the poor community were mainly women, but they were prepared to escape.

“Here it is”

There is a man advancing in front of Ariel.

“… … Ein, have you been back?”

It is Ein that should have been looking for Rion. However, it was almost four years that Ariel visited the poor city. It is not amusing to be back at long.

“Yes, I had something to put on and prepared for.”


Regist also predicted today’s day. Ein’s word proves this.

“… Are you OK with everyone?”


“I will take you to Bando, but are you willing to take everyone?”

What Ain is asking is the handling of Prince Arnold’s children.

“Ein and the principal do not mind”

“I do not mind, because it is not a problem to be known”

Umbrella connecting the Kingdom and Bando.