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The last of Elwin

With the guarantee of the safety of Lang’s bodily husband, it is no longer a matter of going into full-blown negotiations, and the Kingdom of the Grand Flam further shook the royal heel kingdom. As Chancellor Lang is unknown, he tells other negotiators that there is doubt about Elwin ‘s birth.

As a grandflam kingdom that should prepare for battle with the Great Alexandros Empire as soon as possible by negotiating it, it is quite a daring way.

Even if you acknowledge Minister Lang and the bureaucrats who breathed in, the possibility of betraying it is high after all. If so, once from the judgment that it is better to accept winemeal after putting out pus.

This decision went toward a good direction as a result. In a sense he did not try to turn over to the Grand Flamen kingdom, in a sense, the most sensible middle school in the win heel started to reveal the truth of the matter.

Of course, it is impossible for Chancellor of Lang to admit it, and there is no certain evidence. But the matter is the truth, the lazy chairman, who has a fair idea, will speak negative to the minister of the Kingdom of the Grand Prix.

This began to make a definitive confrontation with the aristocrats of other Winghill kingdoms.

The power to hold down this is neither to the Langgang ministry nor the king Elwin. If you try to force it, only conflict will deepen. At this point Elwin was unable to control nobility, the Kingdom of Winheel was also the same but it was the same.

Elwin and the Ladge Prime Minister, and that one party were isolated within the Kingdom of Winheel. On the contrary, if he did not run away, he began to learn the sense of crisis as to whether his head would be presented to the Grand-Flam Kingdom, and actually ran away.

“Hurry up! If you leave here, you should calm down a bit!”

A group of cavalry and carriage is progressing in the darkness of the night. It is Wol that is alerting at the beginning of the row. Following that Wol is the Knight Order. Even though it was called the Knight Order of Konoe, they were those who were knights of King Luz ‘s Ostein’ s Baroness. In the center of the rank of the Order, a number of luxury carriages are running horse racing with considerable momentum.

Among them, Erwin and her mother Yuria are riding a luxurious horse-drawn carriage, and Lang is a minister. It is a family escape, but at least Elwin has no conscious as a family.

“Hey, are you OK? Are you able to escape properly?”

“Perhaps it is OK, I do not think that the Kingdom of Granpham purposely follows us, there should not be such a margin.”

The president of Lang is right guess. Since many winemeal aristocrats have followed up, I am not planning to punish Erwin or the Ladging minister in the Grand Flam kingdom. If you ask the Elwin ‘s rebellion charges, you must also ask the aristocrat’ s crime who has participated in it. It is not what the Grand Flam kingdom wishes. You should have peace of mind first of all aristocracy, then you should nurture your loyalty to the Kingdom of Granfram once more.

“Hey, where are you going from now?”

“…… It is a country without the influence of the Great Alexandros Empire of the Kingdom of the Grand Flam, if it accepts it by the Melika kingdom that is good, if it is useless it will be the only way to find another country”

“Yes … … Anyway, if it is a place that you can live with peace of mind, anywhere will do”

“I do not know if I negotiate what will happen, but the Melika kingdom will accept it, so crawl up somehow again.”

“That’s not good anymore, let’s live calmly,”

“… … If the Melika kingdom is useless, think at that time”

The conversation between Lang and Yulia is unbearable for Elwin. The atmosphere of familiarity between the two of us. This will make Elwyn aware of the truth of my birth.

I have not drawn the direct blood of the Winheel Hou family. Then, Erwin thought what he was doing so far.

“Hey, do people in the back of the carriage know the relationship between me and you?”

Yuria who is her mother seems not to be concealing anymore. Although it was Julia who got on Lang’s ambition and became the king’s mother, originally he himself had only hope of having a little luxurious life. It was able to taste enough even in the position of the side room of the Marquis of Winghir.


“Well, what are you going to do now? Is it okay for me to be in the shade again?”

“That is … … while talking,”

“When, later, when, what do you want to do?”

“Stop it!”

It was Elwin who tried silently to ignore the conversation of the two of them but was unable to endure Yuria who is not a mother but a woman.

“… Erwin?”

“You betrayed me for a long time?”

“What are you saying? I have not betrayed you.”

“I betrayed you! I was cheating!”

“That is … I do not intend to cheat separately … you … … that … … the possibility that both children are …”

Even if it is an excuse, it is not a word to say to Elwin, my son. In other words, both the Marquis of the previous Win Whale and Lang have said they had a relationship at the same time.

It is a matter of course if you think about it. Although there is no relation, the Marquis of the previous Win Whale hell can not be thought of as his child. However, Elwin heard from her mother’s mouth is irresistible.

“… but … I am his son, is not it?”

“That way of saying is not good”

“Then what shall we call? Now I can call it even with my father?”

“Yes, from now on you can call me father dignifiedly”

Yulia does not think Erwin ‘s feelings at all. The blood of the Winheel Hou Family was the pride of Elwin. That was the foundation of Erwinn ‘s life so far, so even though he handled wrong, he wanted the position of Marquis of Wynn heir over it. If I deny it this time, I will not know how to live ahead.

“… It is mothers who said they do not know which child.”

“Well, but when you consider the day you were born … well, there is a possibility that it was premature birth ….”

Yulia suddenly becomes crisp. I still thought Erwin was better to be a father. But again after all.

“In other words, Father … … Is there a possibility that the former marquisle may have noticed?”

Elwin was convinced when he heard the words of Yulia. The former marquis was at least doubtful. The result is the location of the sword of the blue wind and it is the location of the former marquis himself.

“… It can not be like that”

Yulia does not know the story on the battlefield. Nobody ever heard of it.

“The Sword of the Blue Wind that is the testimony of the owner of the Wynn heel Houjie is at the hand of Ariel, it is said that he was handed over from Father after Vincent’s death, this is Father, No, Marquis before Winhill Hill, It is a proof that we did not admit it as a successor. ”

“Taka is not a sword, you are the successor of the real marriage?”

“… … When Vincent died, did you think that the Wynn healer’s blood line was cut off?”

“Do not say a foolish thing. If you think so, it is not a good story if you make a child again”

The more I listen to Yulea’s story, the more I feel like Elwin’s feelings. It seems that the Marquis de Winghill position for Yulia is quite light. Ellwin, on the contrary, felt a weight in the marquisa position, believing that excellent myself was right for it, even though he was acting.

However, this idea of ​​Erwin is also a direct lineage. Otherwise, it is just a slander, a crime without room to be forgiven.

For Winheel Hou Homes. This is Elwin ‘s sense, in a sense, based on my heart. It was just a cause of wrongdoing, but now that I know it is false, a great regret is swirling in Elwin ‘s heart.

However, even if you regret it is too late. Vincent can not survive, Erwin ‘s crime can not be forgiven.

Suddenly, the high pitched sound that echoed around us. The horse-drawn carries tremendously swaying and stopping, and the surroundings are enveloped in bustle at a stroke.

It was obvious that something happened, and something about it, Erwin was largely predictable.

“…… Lancelot me”

Elwin knows the identity of the plosive sound. It was because El Dwin was advised of the existence of this new weapon, and El Winn chose the path to obey the Great Alexandros Empire.

Although I intended to endure it until my own country is the same, or until I gain the power beyond that.

“Enemy attack! Organize the formation, take an interception!”

The voice of Wol’s echo sounds to the surroundings. Following that, the busy state of the Knights Guard that protect the surroundings is also being conveyed.

“What, what happened?”

“Calm down, the Knights Guards are protecting you, so you do not need to worry.”

Lang says to settle down Julia, but in fact, I do not know what kind of situation.

“Protect! Do not get pushed!”

The scream of Wal is reverberating around us. Things that are quite bad are understood by the atmosphere of the words.

Eventually, the plosive sound beeps. The voice commanding the Konoe Knight changed.

If it was not a case of still standing in a carriage, Elwin jumped out. Those attacking the Order of the Konoe Kaisha are those who consolidated themselves in black clothes. There is nothing like a feature, but such things are not necessary for Elwin.

“Do you think that I can kill in the interdependence?”

Following this word, a magical cast is spun from the mouth of Elwin.

But this was never cast to the end. At the moment the gunshook echoed, Elwin ‘s body flew back to the back. As it was, Elwin never stood up simply by leaking moans.

“Target supplement! Stop it at once!”

This voice is not that of the Knight Knight. One of the raiders who had not uttered a single word is giving instructions.

Eventually the fighting voice disappeared, and only the woman ‘s crying voice could be heard in the surroundings. Suppression is over. Just thinking about what the raiders are about the women makes Elwin feel sick.

“What is different from what you did?”

A word that reads like a heart reaches Erwin ‘s ears. But even if asked, Erwin has no room to answer.

“A man kills, a woman is a slave, the number of people is different, but it is the same as what you did”

I finally understood Elwin what he was saying. He drove Vincent to the death penalty and dropped Ariel to slave. It is said that it is the same.

“…, that, that, … … … say, then, qualification, … ….”

Erwin certainly complied with it. But Langslot and Maria were the main players. Erwin thought that she was not qualified to blame her on Lancelot’s side.

But Erwin is making misunderstandings in the fundamental place.

“I am qualified, I am not waiting … I have been waiting for this time forever.

“… … … before …… Mack, Masa …”

Erwynne could not utter the word till the end. The suddenly wound up flame wraps around the body. It was Elwin who stumbled and rolled over the ground, but the fire just got more momentum than disappearing. The body ceased to move at once.

After the flame went out, there was no burning residue in that place. King Winwill King Elwin and its parties disappeared from the front stage after this date.

◇ ◇ ◇

The forefront of the Great Alexander Empire and Fatilars Kingdom. Maria was spending the bliss in his tent ‘s tent. Maria who is enjoying the reverse harem state without any shyness. There is no one in this place who can stop it.

I am talking a bit serious now. Maria’s Guard is also the staff organization of Maria.

“The report of King Erwin King’s success has been played successfully”

Matthew Barton, who is in charge of information, has made a report. It is not official to say the information charge. It is Mary’s role in private institution. In case

“Yeah, is that so?”

“Most of the arms of the Kingdom of Winghill swore to the Grand Prix of Kingdom, this is the story of King Elwin at the time of escape”

“Well, as you expected, it’s a big deal to read so far.”

Mary’s eyes who heard Matthew’s report pointed to the Alan Shelford of the same guard. Alan is the strategy steward. It is dark behind, despite all kinds of plot, what you can make me think about strategy staff.

For Maria, the destruction of the Kingdom of the Winheel was a big welcome, rather than a result that was directed to be so. Erwin was an eyesore existence for Mary, not a winemeal kingdom for the Great Alexandros Empire.

Even though I always look somewhat cold with Mary ‘s criticism of doing things, I also have a good ride on my own. That did not like Mary.

Maria and Lancelot were terrible at the game’s failure, but there was also a distant view that only Erwin had a good feeling. If Lion and Ariel listen, either mad or disgusted, but this action for Mary is also a revenge for those who oppressed himself.

“I am deeply appreciative of the word of compliment, but this time my partner is only stupid, it’s really easy as it moves as I expected.”

Alain who is humiliated while pleasing with Mary ‘s compliment. It is doubtful whether you think this way seriously, but such answers are pleasing to Mary.

“Give thanks to them too”

“… … is not it good for rogues?”

Alan’s expression becomes cloudy. Even in this case I use the people of the back society. It is certainly useful, but that’s why Allan is afraid that they approach Mary more than they need.

“They are useful, are not you to let go of it yet?”

“… Well … I will tell you.”

From the words of Mary, Alan judged that he was a little relieved, judging that he did not intend to keep using it all the time. Alan is not aware that these shakings are what Mary intended.

Just like playing a man’s heart, Mary stimulates the hearts of those who serve in this way, making it his own prompt.

“Well, what will happen next?

“Yes, as the Kingdom of the Grand Flam has recovered national strength to a certain extent, it will try to attack the country at last.”

“Well … How about preparation?”

“The Grand Flam kingdom will definitely move to recapture the Kingdom, as we have already prepared for the New Teito Tokio, so we only have to wait.”

“There is no possibility to attack Kyoto?”

Kiyoto is originally the home of the Aksmere Hou and is the largest city in the West. For the Great Alexander Empire Tokio, it is a more important city.

“We are preparing for the first time, but the possibility is low”


“The current home of the Grand Flam kingdom is Bando, I do not think that I will empty there and head towards the opposite Kiyoto.”

“If you go west from Bandou, you have Tokio first, do not you?”


Along with Mary, Alan completed with only the word of acknowledgment, but it is not just reason to say that it is simply close. If you hold down the center, you can respond in the east, west, north and south, with the shortest in any direction. Although it is simple, this is a strategic meaning.

Besides, for the kingdom of the Grand Flam, it is meaningful to recapture the royal crown, impressing the restoration around. It is important to regain the centripetal force.

“Then, should we put Fatirath’s Kerry soon?”

“No, there is no need to hurry.”

“Is that so?”

Mary thought that it would be impossible to fight the Grand Flamen Kingdom and the Fatiláth Kingdom at the same time, but Alan denied it.

“Is not Fatilaas kingdom soon able to afford to fight with us?”

“What did you set up?”

“We chose the people who are suffering from poverty and discrimination among the people of Fatiraas and handed out weapons.Promises to accept as a first citizen if we defeat the villain lord and condemn our country.”

“Revolution, but will it work?”

“There … … I am instigating a little something for them, because they are also oppressed in some ways”

“It’s not wonderful to overthink the vested interests and create a free and equitable ideal society by the people.

Even though he himself strongly wanted the noble status of the Empress, equality is the ideal in the mouth. It is contradictory, but the person himself does not think so.

People with power will be rewarded, and those who do not reward should fall to the position they deserve. Mary’s thinking of equality is like this.

It is not quite wrong. But in the Kingdom of Great Alexandros, people who are called new nobles are born, and citizens are also distinguished from first and second. Even if it matches ability and achievement right now, if this becomes the hereditary, eventually it will only create a new privilege class.

“If you kill the Grand Flam kingdom by the battle of the Imperial capital before the end of it, the incompetent nobility who was in the former Grandfurum Kingdom will be culled out and the ideal society that Mary thinks will be realized, after a while.”

“No, not yet, after that, it will be the Melika kingdom, and then spread to the whole continent, I will control the continent and make a new world.”

Maria’s desire will not stop. Even if I get the status of being an empress, Maria is dissatisfied that he was inconvenient.

Mary is beginning to ask what is in front of the Empress. I have no consciousness on my own, but it has definitely inflated in the depths of Mary’s heart.

If you didn’t get it and still read to this far, I have a reeaallly bad news for you.

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