Regarding the previous website.

In case people find themselves here being unable to access the old blog website, I unpublished it. No worries, this website still has all of the previous updated chapter so please go to the ToC on the Translation Projects menu. I have already sent a message to sir Tony of Novel Updates as well so the links on their website will be updated. It would be a huge help if you could also tell the administrators of the websites you found us from about the website transfer.

As always, for comments, suggestions and inquiries, do not hesitate to get in touch with us through the Contact Us menu found on the right top most of the website.

Thank you,
Enori (HnM Translations)


Okay, I’m not very sure but we should be able to finish chapter 14 today. Maybe a couple of hours from now. If you have nothing to do and want to find something to read, you can check our old chapters corrected and edited by Deus and Peter.

Wait, if they’re the same old links just edited would they still qualify as re-release?
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