Sigh, yes. This again.

Imagine a certain translator, let’s call him E., that was working ( kind-of ) diligently to bring chapter 61 to you.

After much effort, E. had it ready by Thursday.

And then he uploaded it to his own private Google Drive folder instead of the project one :]

And since everybody else was kinda too busy to stop and ask why is there no chapter to work on yet…

Well. This happened:



Due to absent-mindedness, general failure to communicate, and noticeable lack of miracles happening –

No chapter this week.

Sorry :[


No update for this week!

Sorry about this.

The chapter couldn’t make it because I was not able to complete the chapter till Saturday night. On a positive note, you might be able to read two chapters next week… probably.

To show our sincerity..


No update for this week.

Well, what can I say? It’s the holiday season,  things are gonna be hectic. But fear not, I won’t really stop translating so it will just pile up like usual. I also plan to release a teaser of another series maybe tomorrow or the other day to make up for it.

Our apologies.


We apologize.

Sorry, we’ve decided to halt this tra– Okay, there were all sorts of issues why the updates were delayed for two weeks(?) but we’ll omit the details. Rest assured, we’re back on track…probably.

That aside, we’ve made a discord channel so if you guys have urgent things to ask or want to chat with the staff for a bit, please head to this link: