Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite 101st Update!

Life is determined by dating

 The Great Alexander, who made many sacrifices in the imperial defenses, is concentrating on rebuilding the army, and is holding back military action. However, the period should be much shorter than the Grandfram kingdom thinks.

 The rebuilding of the army in the empire is the replacement of the guns, guns and shells lost in the battle. When that is done, it will be almost as strong as it was. The empire considers the soldiers, who are third-class people, to be the same consumables as bullets. There is no need for a training period.

 Even though it is a short period of time, the Empire can not afford to do anything during that time. During periods of absence of military forces should be focused on domestic politics, in fact the empire is working to advance the rule of the territory.

 In particular, stability in the northern part of the former Winhir Kingdom, where devastation is progressing, is urgently needed. Maria is pushing for strong policies such as giving the people a class, but also fearing the power of the people.

 The same situation as the people’s revolt caused by them in the Kingdom of Fatilars, the northern part will not fall.

“Now, everyone! I’m modest, but I prepared the meal! Please bring the chopsticks in a row!”

 This is the strategy Mary thought for stability in the north. We cook around every place and send relief supplies and serve for comfort of people. Simply put, it’s popular.

“If the people are in trouble it is their duty to help! I will never imitate all of you!”

 Its popularity is not just the Great Alexandros, but it’s Maria like it’s just to increase its popularity.

“… The reception seems good. Did you think?”

 While watching the people in the cooking line, the commander Gill is questioning Alan, who is standing next to him.

“No, Maria thought. It’s like the knowledge of another world.”

“I see. I have always loved the popular collection.”

 Both Gil and Alan have been associated with Maria since the school days. At that time, she should have been quite seriously in love with Maria, but now she knows that she is the only performer on the surface, with her kindness and integrity.

 After the game is over, the bondage to the capture target is weakened.

“Not only I like it, but I’m actually getting results. It’s a combination of word-of-mouth information operations.”

 Mary is actively spreading rumors to increase her reputation. The subject of the Savior, summoned by the different world to bring peace to this world, is itself the content of justice.

 Those who do not know the truth believe it, and those who witnessed Maria’s activity spread the rumor as fact.

 It seems that the Empress Empress Maria is empowered to have someone who thinks that this is necessary. Two people in this place are also those who think.

“Which one will you stick to?”

“Is it sudden?”

 Alain is a bitter face to Gil’s question. It is a question that you do not want to answer.

“It’s better to think. There should be people moving around while you’re away from the capital city.”

 Those who are trying to separate Lancelot and Maria. The empire will be a good country if only Maria, the cause of evil, is rejected. There are many who think that Lancelot has the qualities to become a wise king. Those who were to follow the Great Alexandros in a threat to Mary are their representative.

 They manage to wake up Lancelot somehow. For those of low status in the empire and who have not had much to see Lancelot, it should be a great opportunity now for Marias to be absent.

“Do you know? We have no choice”

“Can you not be tempted?”

“There can not be any connection. Even if Mary does a bad thing, His Majesty is silent because it feels that it is Maria who has supported the bottommost time, the hardest time. Let’s see that they were betraying in the shadows, all are deadly sins

“Death or not …”

 Although Gil also knew, when it is said from the other person’s mouth, it gets depressed even more.

“We don’t have to do that alone. If we can impose all the wrongs and kill all of us and gain allegiance of our other members, we won’t have to ask.”

“… why is it?”

 Gil glanced with a distant eye. Those who were originally supposed to be heroes who would support the hero, Maria, and save the kingdom of Grandfram from the demons. It is not a translation from the original.

 She was told by Maria that she was handed to evil, and when she returned to sanity she had come to a place where she could not return. Most of the guards are so.

“I can not regret it now. Rather, think positively about the current situation.”

“Positively. There are a lot of things I’ve got. If you’re serious, you can’t be like it now.”

 Instead he lost most of his conscience, but neither money nor women were inconvenient.

“As it is, if it works well, there is even the possibility of becoming a king.”

 The emperor is the king and Alan hears from Mary. If the Great Alexander’s empire has won the continent, the occupied country is to unify and build a new king. It is quite likely that the guards will be one of the kings.

“I see. Boys are not ambitious.”

“Well, that’s it. Let’s stop this story.”

 If you do not divide it like this, you can not follow Maria. At least these two think this way. And I couldn’t continue talking anymore. I saw Maria approaching.

“What are you talking about?”

 Maria is asking while walking to the place of two people.

“If it goes well this way, I can be a king too”

 Alan pulled out only the last exchange and told Maria. I can not speak to Maria absolutely, such as the contents of the conversation other than this.

“You can do it. Think about where you want to go.”

“I will do so”

“Today’s lodging is near?

 Cooking has just started. Certainly, we spent time moving in the morning, but Maria who has experienced many marches can not get tired at this level. Alain judged that he would get bored.

“… The accommodation is the lord’s house here. I think there are no lords, and I think the hall is rough, so it is necessary to send the tidy up ahead.”

“Yeah, let’s send it right away.”

“Yes. I think it will take some time to clean up. Wait until it’s over. And isn’t the greeting with the city representative yet?”

“… then call me”

 Maria is not trying to hide her disgusting look. As Alain is a headache. If you want to play a good man, I want you to play, but as the status of the Great Alexandros becomes clearer, it is more often to express the original emotions.

 In addition, Alan, who can not say anything, instructed his subordinates to call a representative.

“What about the emperor?”

 Maria, who sat on a chair prepared by Gil, asked Alan.

“Matthew has not received any contact yet”

“Yes … what kind of punishment is good for a rat that starts to move in the absence of the Lord?”

 The fact that Maria and the guards left the imperial capital also has the meaning of an invitation to incite those who are hostile to Maria. The leaders of information, led by Matthew, remained in the imperial capital and were moving to find out the hostile forces.

“Maria, you still don’t like that.”

“There are no betrayers in the guards?”

“That’s right …”

 Alan returns positively to Mary’s question, but it can not be said that it is absolutely safe. It is not always the case that there is no one who is disgusting like Maria’s.

“… Is there a suspect in the guards team either?”

 Alain’s answer was that Maria didn’t like it, and her eyes were getting worse.

“No, there is no such thing.”

 Now, clearly, Alan spoke the word of denial. If this should happen, it would be difficult, but if you don’t say this, the doubtful Maria does not know what to order for the SDF. Alan is not a self-confident enough that only oneself seems absolutely safe.

“Oh, no problem”

“You can not but hear the other person’s ear. You see, there are also people approaching.”

 The subordinates who sent the representative to the call are coming back with good timing. This should end once this talk. Alan sighed relievedly so Mary would not notice it.

“This is the Empress. Thank you very much for your visit, and I am deeply moved by the thought of the preciousness of the people of His Majesty.”

 It’s a big word, but for Maria it is better. Maria, who heard the words of the representative for the evidence, is happy to smile.

“No. It is natural as a royal family to cherish the people. I think that few people can save them with my slight power, but I still can not do anything.”

 For those who know Maria in the word of the representative, he returns in a really white word.

“Slight force and no such thing. The presence of His Majesty is our hope. The children are pleased that the Second Holy Lady has appeared.”

“Well, I’m a saint, I am … second?”

 The expressions of Alan and Gil become cloudy. Even though he was well on his way, he is admired by the foolishness of the representative who spoke good words without saying.

“Yes. Before he came, Lisa was giving to the people. Not only that, he was also taking care of the children who lost their relatives.”

 The representative is not aware of his fault. I have talked to Bella Bella more than anything else.

“Mr. Lisa … Yes, there is such a person. And who is that?”

“If you like Lisa … Oh, there is a woman surrounded by children is Lisa.”

 At the tip of the representative, there was a standing woman surrounded by many children.

“… who are you, Lisa?”

“Lisa was originally a niece of Stoke’s niece, but she was sent to Valmi’s house, but her husband was lost in the war and she returned to her home. I’m getting scattered in

“Lisa Stoke … I’ve heard it. Gil, come on to say hello, come along.”

“Maria, here too much …”

 There is no point in making a stir-fry while doing things like cooking out for popularity.

“What are you worried about? I just want to say hello to old friends?”

“……Yes, I understand”

 And again, an unhappy woman will be born. Although it is Gil who becomes daunting when it thinks, it only has to follow after all.

 The target woman was dressed in a poor costume that did not seem to be a noble and was taking care of the children. The dignified appearance and the dignified atmosphere, and the manner in which he is present, exudes elegance. The reason why she is called a saint is probably in her atmosphere.

“Mr. Lisa, you’re Lisa Stoke?”

 Maria calls to such a woman.

“This is the Empress. Please excuse me for being rude to the Majesty in this way.”

 Naturally, Lisa also knew that Mary was coming. There is no sign of being upset, and the greeting is carefully returned.

“Stop doing that offensive language. Lisa is not my senior.”

“… it’s about the time of the academy”

 Before that, Lisa had no memory of being familiar with Maria. We know that the other decrees gave up with Maria, but Lisa, who didn’t want to get involved, never talked with Maria.

“Serious, but I like that kind of Lisa.”

“……I’m afraid”

“Hey, have you settled down a bit and can’t talk? I heard that Lisa is looking after the children. I also want to somehow manage the children who lost their parents due to the war. I want you to hear the opinion of Lisa doing that. “

“… my opinion”

“Misa, I would say for myself, but now I have the power to protect the weak. I want to use this power correctly. Can you help me for that?”

“… really children?”

 Although Lisa has worked hard so far, there are also limited funds to save children. It is understood that this limit will come.

“Of course, I want to move right away, but I don’t know what I need first. Mr. Lisa, can’t you teach me that?”

“… I understand. I do not know how much power I can get, but I will tell you as much as I know.”

“Yeah, thank you. Well, let’s go to the town’s lords right away, so we can talk carefully.”


 It was Gil that was puzzled by Maria’s words. The lord’s house was rough and I just talked about the need to send people to clean up.

“Gill. Bring along with a dozen soldiers.”

 Maria will add more instructions, despite Gil’s confusion. This again makes Gil confused.

“… are you ten?”

 If you want to get rid of it, it is better to take more people and finish it at once. Though it was Gil who thought so, this was a mistake.

“Yeah, ten young and energetic soldiers. It looks fine.”

“……that is”

 It doesn’t matter how it looks like tidying up. Gill finally understood the idea of ​​Maria who dare to say it.

“Well, Lisa, let’s hurry. We have a lot to talk to. Children will be worried if they don’t come back before it’s too late?”

“Eh yeah”

 Lisa feels something that doesn’t fall in the way, but she was forced by Maria to accompany her. There is no way to know what Maria’s malice is like.

◇ ◇ ◇

 It takes less than five minutes if you run a carriage to the target lord’s house. Soon they reached their destination. I have arrived.

“… you guys, why are you here?”

 A number of carts lined up in front of the hall, and several suspicious men were traveling back and forth between the hall. Clearly suspicious people, usually moving immediately to capture or kill, but the other side was the face that Maria knew.

“This is the Empress. It’s amazing to see you in such a place.”

“This is astonishing. What are the people in the back society doing in such places?”

 The men were members of the back society that Maria used occasionally. One is a man who is often seen in human trafficking in the noble family.

“I knew that I had forgotten something and I came for it.”

“Forgotten things, here … are you a thief?”

 The villains of the back society are carrying out the baggage from the lord’s house which became an empty house. It is impossible except this.

“No, I just came to pick up something left behind”

 However, a man comes to deny it with an uneaten face.

“… do you have acquaintances with nobles?”

“Don’t you think that you are acquainted with the royal family rather than the noble family?”

 What the man is saying is Maria. Pursuing the sins of men here does nothing to do. Maria decided to accept the man’s lie.

“Tell me only one. The bandits that are rampaging around here aren’t you, right?”

“I’m sorry. I have not got a foothold in the north, so I’ve been late for being completely late, and I’m going ahead of the layman.

 It is a subtle place if this is called denial. There is no doubt that being a thief is going to be active later.

“… hey, what is the forgotten thing I’ve been saying before?”

“If it is a noble, one or two of the treasures from generation to generation may be out of the blue. It should be in a place that can not be found a bit quietly, and it is coming for it.”

 In noble houses there are always one or two hidden rooms and hidden safes. Aside from whether or not the contents are included.

“Can you find it?”

 Even though they are thieves, Maria is bothered when it comes to what they are doing. It has shown a work that does not seem to be a very simple villain.

“I will tell you where the stranger is suspicious”

 At the end of the line of sight that a man turned to casually, there was a man who was scared full of insults in his face. It is worn out, but the dress looks better than what the men are wearing.

“… Servant. Can you find it often?”

 Many noble families collapsed in this war. In the chaos, not a few servants carry away the property left by the noble family. Even if they lose their jobs, it is an action that requires food for tomorrow, but it is definitely a crime. After finding those who are running away and hiding, they are forced to break their mouth.

“If you try to hide away, you will be able to see us on the contrary”

 The places where criminals escape are their territory.

“… I really admire you. So what did you find?”

“A big deal. There is only one sword that has passed through generations, so it’s not worth it, so we are bringing out furniture.”

“Yeah … what are we going to stay here today?”

 It is true that there are various furniture on the wagon. It’s up to a big bed. The roots of the furniture are unbearable to the Maria who is trying to stay in this hall.

“… How about exchanging that woman?”

“Ah … yes.”

 Here, Mary remembered that she was bringing Lisa.

“If you only need furniture, you will pay as well.”

“Will it be good from behind? From now on, this woman is going to be destroyed by a large number of men.”


 It is Lisa who was surprised at Maria’s line. It was a lie that should have been told to talk about your child’s relief. I know that I was forgiven. But I do not know why I have to meet such an eye.

“I will make sure that you are a good girl who is called a saint and how good it is.”

 Maria was also delighted to be called a saint. I realized that I was told to be the second one, and turned into a grumpy at once.

“Why me …”

“I, a woman like you, I hate it. I shook my honors. Everyone is liked by all means without doing any effort. In the other side I respect you with a man. I know. ? “

“I have not done that!”

“That will be understood soon. I will uncover your true identity from now on.”

“It’s not a joke! If you do something like that, you’ll die here!”

“If you don’t hear what you say, the children will die. Is that all right?”

 How can you make the other party obey you? The ability to see the other’s weakness is Maria’s little gift.

“… like that”

 If it is your own life, you can throw it out. However, if a child is made hostage, Lisa will not be able to do anything. Because such a woman is also called a saint.

“Sorry, the Empress. I’m a fine villain, can you do it by then?”

 Surprisingly, a man came in to stop Maria.


“The value of the product is reduced. The good part of the woman is really serious and solid. It is worthwhile to open the body while being ashamed. It is developed a little, and while putting up, she leaks the pant voice What is the best? “

“… I’ll hand it over when this is done”

 It is embarrassingly Maria’s expression to the expression of the man too explicit, and loses the momentum until the last time.

“So, if you lose your shame, the value will be halved. This is also a business, and it’s not a good feeling that you will be wasting your goods on waste.”

 The words are fairly polite, but the story of the man is slightly mixed with the color of the rose. If it is a mere threat, Maria will also repel, but if it is a trader’s case, I can understand it certainly. Besides, I can not say that I am too distracted from the mood. The value of using an organization is still there.

“… I know. It’s the same thing because it falls to prostitutes when you give it to you.”

“Yes, I just save the extra effort.”

 The man also cares for Maria’s feelings. There is a situation in which even men can not break up with Maria.

“Oh, take me there”

“Hey. It goes without saying that there is no noise. We can see where our children and theirs are.”

 The words of a man against Lisa are a complete threat. The result does not change regardless of what Lisa thinks. If you can hold the child’s life, Lisa has no way to do it.

 After all, the men left all the furniture and the like loaded in the wagon on the spot. It was a bit sarcastic that the ten strong young soldiers helped to clean it up.

◇ ◇ ◇

 Lisa who makes a face blue by despair. The man in front of her looks expressionless even if she sees such a person.

 The men’s carriages are heading to the next destination again. There are still forgotten treasures in the north.

“Oh, let’s ask for your name”


“It’s about being honest. For myself, for kids too”

“… Lisa”

 After all, you can not go against it. When I think of the hell ahead, Lisa will be bursting with heart.

“Hmm … there?”

 Suddenly a man gave a crazy voice. A bundle of paper was held in my hand where I took it out.

“You, yes, is Lisa Stoke the name?”

“… yeah”

 Lisa who asked the full name suddenly gets even more scared. The man who knew her was creepy.

“What is your father’s name?”


“… The correct answer. There was a man who was associated with school days. What is the name of that man?”

“Why do you hear that?”

“The path between happiness and despair is my guy. If you are lucky, you will be happy. If you are unlucky, you will go to the lowest life as it is. Well, what is your name?”

 Lisa has no idea what the man is saying. Still, with the hope of the first glance, I thought of one name. It is subtle to say that they were dating. It is true that there was another person who liked it.

“…… Rion-kun”

 If I still answered, Lisa had only this name.

“You have the best luck. You can meet us in such a place, and in such a situation.”

“……What does that mean?”

 The atmosphere of the man changed at a stretch. Lisa knows that is a good thing. Expectations swell in my mind little by little.

“You have two options. One is to get the money to live all the time, to be free as it is. The other is to work at a certain place. The content of the work is to serve the wholeheartedly to the master, and if you wish, you can also take the children. “

“… What is that Lord?”

 It is understood by the feeling of the story that a man recommends the latter. However, I was worried about Lisa that the content of the work was unclear. It is said that sincere allegiance from the other party to serve. It is Lisa’s seriousness to think about this way.

“I decided if I could serve it. No, I would arrive at a place to serve. Oh, there was one condition to serve. I will tell it first.”

“What is that?”

“Don’t fall in love. Is it impossible to fall in love? It’s okay to fall in love, but it won’t pay off or you won’t think it will be the best.”

 With a meaningful smile, the man presents unusual conditions. What I want to convey is not the condition content.

“… I understand. Please let me receive the work.”

 Lisa is not a fool so I don’t know who the other is. Rion, who thought he was dead, was alive. And Rion apparently saves himself and his children. Lisa was grateful to this miracle.