Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Shite 111th Update!

Hello, it is again I. Myuu.
I’m aware it’s now May.
Yes, we’re not dead.
We’re just dead struggling :’)

If ya’ll ever see Aoi around, that’s our TL. Praise him 😀

Anyways! Big Boss is still out of commission.
A SecondWind came and prodded at us to pick up some speed.
And a special thanks to a guest PR: Anonymous Jackal.

So shall we play an old game?


26 Replies to “Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Shite 111th Update!”

    1. I unfortunately dunno how to do that >>;; I’ll put in a word once one of my big bosses become active again tho haha

  1. Woop i have now finally managed to catch up, but now i have to wait, but it’s okay Tales of Demons and gods taught me the Dao of patience

  2. What actually happened to you guys? I remember there used to be regular or semi regular updates in like 2018. Now its like this. Not complaining, just wondering. Did someone get sick or disappear?

  3. After coming this far. I really wish there would be an anime of this novel.
    As well as the Akugyaku no Black Maria. Rion’s harem is expanding than what I have expected.

    Thanks for the chapter. I really appreciate it.


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