15 Replies to “Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite 109th Update!”

  1. Horray for the chapter! Thank the Hallowen goats for their mercy and thank the translator and editors ^^

  2. Ugh Enough Dramas … I mean you guys went to talk with the author after like translating more then half of the story , then took a long long break … strated to translate again then life crashed down on your head … your laptop broke . Why is your luck so bad , do you have heterochromia !!!!
    At this rate it wd take another 2 years to do the rest of the 20 sonething chapters

    I know , I have no right to tell you guys to hurry up and get to work … I am not in a condition to support you guys either . And I am thankful for all the chapters you translated , but for a small novel with only 124 chapters it had been draggen on for far too long TT


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