17 Replies to “Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite 109th Update!”

  1. Horray for the chapter! Thank the Hallowen goats for their mercy and thank the translator and editors ^^

  2. Ugh Enough Dramas … I mean you guys went to talk with the author after like translating more then half of the story , then took a long long break … strated to translate again then life crashed down on your head … your laptop broke . Why is your luck so bad , do you have heterochromia !!!!
    At this rate it wd take another 2 years to do the rest of the 20 sonething chapters

    I know , I have no right to tell you guys to hurry up and get to work … I am not in a condition to support you guys either . And I am thankful for all the chapters you translated , but for a small novel with only 124 chapters it had been draggen on for far too long TT

  3. Can you guys give this project to someone else?
    I mean with all the issues your going through I really don’t think you’re cut out for this, furthermore while your translation is very much appreciated, I would still rather ask u to ask someone else to take over because it has been far too Long since you last translated and this translation gig matters to us a lot as we can’t really understand Japanese and it may seem unimportant to you as you probably already know the story but can you please try to find someone else to take over. I don’t mean to be rude but I don’t really know how else to put it, it’s taking way too long with all these un identifies dates of release. This type of wait would easily make readers lose interest and even someone like me who’s been willing to wait a month over for one chapter can’t stand it anymore, it’s one thing if it’s slow, it’s another if you’re not able to keep us posted. Maybe you might say “but it’s our translation what have you contributed?” All I can say to that is nothing, I can’t rly do anything about that, for that I apologise but if you are unable to accommodate your readers then please, PLEASE pass the project over to someone else, unless you tell me no one is willing to take the project in which then I’ll try to find a translator willing to take it myself


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