Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite 101st Update!

I bet you didn’t expect this so soon. But I heard you guys were all about Maria ( was it love, or hate with pitchforks and torches…? damn if I remember ), so who am I to deny you.

Here’s more Maria. A lot more Maria.

Well, “here” is relative. Look under the line, where the comments lie.

Have a fragment of a poem about a bad witch as an outro. I wonder why does that seem appropriate..

Bad Witch
She was a witch, as in days of yore
She’d cast a spell and make you sore
If she smiled, babies would scream
To ruin mankind, her evil dream
She was really mean, of this be sure
She’d steal your soul if it was pure
She’d cast a spell and rip it free
Then seal it up in pottery
She really was evil, you thought I lied?
Whenever she sneezed an angel died

Chapter ?!
Chapter !?

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