Announcement: Translation Status v2.0

Prepare your confetti because….

–the author, Mr. Ayato was kind enough to give us permission to continue! 

This obviously means that the translation of “Falling In Love With The Villainess” will now continue. However, adjustments will be done in order to protect the author’s content, which will likely involve some not-so-very convenient measures.

That’s about the info we can share for now. For more information and news, please do proceed to our discord chat on the left side of the site (most bottom of the mobile version) Do ieeeet!

Thank you and Cheers!
-Enori (HnM TL Staff)

Update: There was a cloudy part regarding the conditions which needs further clarification from the author before continuing.

Update2: The cloudy parts are clear now. It was exactly as we previously thought, the TL will now continue.

Special thanks to the author himself, Mr Ayato! あやと様、ありがとうございます!

18 Replies to “Announcement: Translation Status v2.0”

  1. You know I was l just looking into this novel just to sulk about how I would never be able to finish it, and suddenly I found a comment saying that you had resumed it, and I came here as soon as possible!

    So while I might be late for the party, I just want to express not only how thankful I am to the author for giving it the green light, but how thankful I am to you all for continuing translating! Thank you so much!

  2. Ohhh, I’m so glad I checked the last posts before shelving this series! This is such a great story! I am glad the translation is still ongoing :DD


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