This is getting more frequent…

No chapter…again. On the bright side, we have 3 stacked up chapters now and I’ll probably try to make more so my laptop problems won’t cause troubles lol

Welp, sorry again…


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    1. no one is paying them, and since you obviously aren’t one of the people donating(since no one is) that statement is really fucking pretentious.

      did you actually try to get on someones ass about getting free translations through someone else’s (non exsistent) money?

      1. I was just noting that, at the time, they had a link to a patreon page in their translation page. Since you aren’t one of the people translating it’s, in your words, really fucking pretentious of you to be butting in when the translator already corrected me quite some time ago. Better luck with trying to get the translator’s attention next time, I’m sure there’s plenty of opportunities for you to be too late to defend their honor again.

  1. have you tried google docs and then use a public computer to edit? if it’s possible as that would remove hardware issues from preventing release.

  2. Hey Enori and Co.
    Thank you for the chapters. Don’t let people perturb you. and continue on what you are doing. These are amazingly a stout translations and well maintain dialogue between you and the readers. Keep it up.


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