Sigh, yes. This again.

Imagine a certain translator, let’s call him E., that was working ( kind-of ) diligently to bring chapter 61 to you.

After much effort, E. had it ready by Thursday.

And then he uploaded it to his own private Google Drive folder instead of the project one :]

And since everybody else was kinda too busy to stop and ask why is there no chapter to work on yet…

Well. This happened:



Due to absent-mindedness, general failure to communicate, and noticeable lack of miracles happening –

No chapter this week.

Sorry :[


18 Replies to “Sigh, yes. This again.”

  1. Well at the very least we know u’re already done with chap 61 so we can at least expect that next week & hopefully 62 as well.

  2. gogo! 🙂 3 chapters behind, we expect a big release next week ( hopefully) I was really really excited for this weeks double release ( which wasnt even planned? when i read this above right )

  3. I actually find this funny. I was so busy this week I didn’t notice that it been a week since the last one (is it really?) If you doing it as per usual then you would have one more stock up next week right? That’s a good thing then.

  4. you make it seem like miracles are the only thats keeping you guys afloat, you guys have fans and loyal ones at that, we mind not, so long as we can enjoy this translation that you all have poured your hear and soul into, we as fans of translations know or at least have an idea of what goes into this with MTL’s on our own and respect you guys for it

    1. Dang thanks :’) Been a bit tough as of late, but it’s certainly real nice to be appreciated haha. We appreciate you readers as well


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