Sorry, it’s a little late.

As you can see no chapter was released last Sunday. So if you guys are still waiting for it, my apologies for forgetting to announce it here. There’s a possibility of double release next week though!

Thanks a lot

8 Replies to “Sorry, it’s a little late.”

  1. Enori,
    We know your upstanding on releases and that not everything is clockwork. We will maintain with our thoughts of the demise of Maria and company. BTW, Any work on getting us summon to Rion’s army. 🙂
    Can’t wait for the next part!
    Thank you for the update

  2. Same here!

    It’s good thing you announced it, even if it was later. it prevented me getting worried.

    I love what you’re doing. Thanks a lot for translating those great chapters. I believe you’re doing a great work.

  3. Your doing this out of the kindness of your heart(s) I would be a cad without measure if I found offence. (I’m channeling my inner valet)


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