No updates for this week :(

There won’t be any excuses as we had never made one. It’s also uncertain whether we can release two chapters next week or not. My apologies are the only thing I can offer for now.


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  1. well, even though it is rather sad to not read new chapter this week, it is not a big problem, you guys deserve some rest

  2. Ah thanks for the update! Don’t push too hard if updates aren’t something you can handle this week. We can definitely be patient. I think xD

  3. The fact that you inform us of the status is something I already appreciate most others who don’t. Thanks! 🙂

  4. Thanks for your hard work so far! I hope you guys get some rest and enjoy the holiday weekend (…if this is a holiday weekend for you, that is!)

  5. Just finished 49 chapters in 1 day and this announcement break my train lol.But well u guys deserve some rest though,thanks for trasnlating this WN it’s been a while since my last time reading a Isekai type novel as good as this one,It’s a shame that this series hasn’t get LN adaptation yet.

  6. Hi Guys, lets donate like $1 each to keep it going! if each of us donate like that im sure the translator can get some extra help to speed up translations! Thanks! jUst suggesting. – money transferred on my side.

  7. Actually a relief for me, I have exams beginning this week and really shouldn’t be online reading but fortunately and unfortunately there’s nothing this week. Well, cya until my exams are over I guess

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