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Akuyaku Reijou ni Koi wo Shite – Chapter 19:
“The Desires of the Villainess.”

The surroundings were still dark and the sky was shining with starlight. In one of the quiet school backyards so densely covered in trees that one might mistake it for a forest, only the swings of Rion’s sword could be heard.

That was the place where Rion conducts his daily practice sessions.

His morning training consisted solely of practice swinging to enhance his physical strength and foundations. He had to do it alone and there was no other than that place where he could practice in seclusion

He started with sprints and then switched to muscle building afterward. Before, his training regimen finished at this point, but now he could even increase the intensity up to two-fold with no problems.

The thought of increasing duration also came to his mind, but it was rejected due to time constraints. He had to obtain the strength to kill Maria within the three year period he would spend at the Academy. Any spare time needed to be directed towards acquiring skills that could be used in actual battle.

That being said, Rion knew very little about live combat. Although he was able to accumulate experience by fighting demonic beasts from time to time, in the end, that was still fighting against a kind of animal. It was different from a battle with a human able to use magic and swordsmanship.

Because of that, he had to rely on his own imagination to figure out things that could work in that scenario.

His deliberations led him into concluding that he needed to polish his magic. The reason being that he couldn’t improve swordsmanship much by self-study anyway and if there was something that could be counted as his advantage over Maria, it would be the multiple magic attributes that he could use.

He thought that using this to the fullest was the wiser course of action.

As he drawn his sword numerous motes of light began surrounding Rion. Looking closely, one would notice that they were not uniform in color. The ones tinted brilliant crimson belonged to the spirit Rion named 『Sarah』, the ones shining blue on the other hand belonged to the water spirit 『Diane』.

The color of their attributes was hard to distinguish because there was no need to use their power at the moment. What was currently happening could be in simple words, a formation training.

Rion figured out the way to call the spirits without unnecessarily expending their strength by himself.

The normal way was using your own mana as an offering to call out the spirits and then using them to activate your spell by channeling your mana. Rion was able to call them without expending mana because they were always beside him at all times and they decided to lend their strength to him on their own. That relationship was not like a contract with mana as a currency, but rather something more akin to a friendship. Rion was not aware of this distinction, but despite that, he was still able to develop the relationship further.

「Sarah, Diane, let’s start with the first formation, the F1」

That was how Rion usually gave his spirits instructions. Since he was doing this subconsciously and was interacting with them as if with an equal, the spirits really liked that part of him.

Expecting that following his request might make him happy, the spirits assumed formation. Diane was assigned defense duty, Sarah’s role, on the other hand, was offense. The water spirit was swirling around Rion’s body while Sarah was spreading out in front and above him.

With their formation in place, Rion lunged forward at a conspicuously huge tree. Diane kept circling around him without separating and Sarah awaited further instructions while above.

「Now! Sarah!」

On Rion’s order, Sarah dived forward towards the surrounding trees, a weaving streak of light like a cruise missile.

It hit the targeted tree but there was no explosion, the light motes only floated around it. A moment later Rion’s sword struck the tree he aimed at.

「…The timing was perfect. We need to test this on some demonic beasts afterward guys.」

Just like this, he was figuring out a better way to utilize the spirits in battle but this was not merely using his multiple attributes anymore, he was simultaneously using both types of magic. Furthermore, while he was doing that, it was not a distraction for his bladework.

Like this, there would be hardly anyone within the school premises that could stand their ground against Rion in a duel. However, what Rion aimed to defeat was the protagonist protected by the world. No matter how much he trained, he could not be certain of victory.

Knowing that himself, Rion wouldn’t be satisfied with just this. Utilizing the knowledge from his previous world, he wanted to attempt transcending current world’s norms.

Had someone asked him what he wanted the most, this would be his answer. Rion thought that there was no way of defeating the world other than breaking past its norms.

 Concentrating deeply he faced the spirits with his full power to forestall the resistance they tended to show at this moment.

「…Guys, please get along.」

Again, he outlined his thoughts to them with his words. Although visibly reluctant, the spirits gave consent. Having that, he conveyed a specific idea.

「Icy Lance」

The color hues began mixing and from that fusion, a lance made of ice was born.

「Go forth.」

His hand, that was raised in the air, swung downwards. The icy lance flew straight at the tree that Rion’s hand was pointing at.

「…A hit …But.」

The magic projectile successfully made a hole in the tree. But despite that Rion was not satisfied. The damage didn’t look any different to using the water lance that Diane could make on her own.

「But what?」


Even though he carefully checked the surroundings, there was a sound of a new voice that wasn’t supposed to be there. Furthermore, it belonged to someone that he knew.

He timidly turned his head towards the source and sure enough, Ariel was standing there.

「…Good morning, milady.」

「Good morning to you as well, Rion」

「Isn’t it too early for milady to be awake? Is there something you require urgently?」

「I knew you would be up early to train and I wanted to watch.」

「…I find it quite amazing that milady was able to find this place.」

「Somehow, I managed.」


「I have a good sense of direction. Thanks to that I got to see sooo many interesting things.」

「…Is that so?」

Although he knew it would end like this the very beginning, Rion’s attempt at diversion ended in failure

In his mind he was complaining to the spirits with all his might as he told them to warn him if someone was approaching. Sarah and Diane were having none of that, they expected that meeting Ariel would make Rion happy and they did not understand why was he complaining at all.

Due to that Rion understood why Ariel was able to find the place. Clearly, the spirits helped her find the way.

「What was that magic just now?」

Ariel asked the question that Rion didn’t want to hear from her.

「It was my attempt at a new water attribute spell milady.」

What was that magic just now?

She repeated. However this time with knitted eyebrows, clearly angry that Rion was lying.

「…It was a fusion of two attributes.」

Being seen through, Rion felt he wouldn’t be able to defy her anymore so he replied honestly.

「Fusion? What do you mean by that?」

「It’s like mixing them together and using both at the same time?」

「…So you mixed two different attributes into one spell?」

「Yes, milady.」

「Rion, you really are…」

Ariel always accepted all the outrageous things that Rion showed he was capable of. For example, that was the case when she found out that he had two attributes when she had already deduced that it might’ve been the case from the beginning rather than doubt him.

However, in this situation even she was surprised by his preposterous attempt.

「…I beg your forgiveness milady.」

「What for? You did nothing wrong. I just can’t imagine how did you manage to pull this off.」

「I… just asked?」


Because she thought that Rion was making a fool out of her Ariel’s eyes narrowed and her gaze turned cold. Naturally, that was never Rion’s intention.

「How to explain this… They were not getting along at first, so I tried to make it possible by having them reconcile.」


Although he tried following up with a more comprehensive explanation, that, unfortunately, didn’t seem to work either.


「…You …are actually serious?」

「Yes, milady.」

「…Reconcile? Them?」

「Sarah and Diane don’t seem to really like each other that much, so I tried meditating between them and begged for cooperation.」

「Who are Sarah and Diane?」

「My… I guess it would be fine to call them spirits? Those beings that give form to the spells.」

「Spirits… Right, you said before that you thought that spirits were the origin of magic.」

「Well, I am still not sure if that is the proper way to call them. However, I am certain they have a sentience, distinct personalities and are able to understand requests.」

「…This is not something I am capable of.」

Ariel had confidence in her magical prowess. However, she couldn’t feel the same sort of connection to spirits that Rion had and that made her be a little bit down.

「Is that so, milady? I am confident this is not unique to me and everyone should be capable of that. Milady too.」

「…Why do you think so?」

「I believe the reason why milady was able to find this place was because you were guided by your spirit. With a little help from Sarah and Diane.」

「My spirit?」

In regards to the source of magic she called mana, Ariel was not conscious of them to the point of calling them her possession. If being aware of them was the only qualification for using magic, that would make anyone in the world able to cast spells.

However, Rion gave them names and discussed the matters about his magic like he would do with his friends. And he was saying that it was that kind of entity that guided her towards this place.

「Will be able to interact with them as well, I wonder?」

「Milady can feel them already. So all that’s left is giving them a name, though that will be hard as we won’t be able to tell the gender yet, and accepting them as a partner.」

「Even if you say accept….」

「Why won’t milady give them a name for a start? Things feel more familiar and closer once they are named.」

「Name… I wonder what would be nice?」

Seeing that Rion actually came up with names himself, Ariel naturally wanted to imitate him. Although she was still in doubt, she tried to think of a name just as she was told.

「Would Sylph suffice with it being a wind attribute spirit? Sylphine seems fine as well.」
「Rion, like this…」

「…Ah, like this it won’t do, will it? Do excuse me. It will not be a personal bond if the name doesn’t come from you. But if I might offer a tip, how about taking a part of a longer or complex  name that you like? That is what I did.」

「…What did “Sarah” and “Diane” come from?」

「Sarah is a fire spirit, so I shortened the word Salamander, while Diane comes from the word Undine.」

「…I see. This makes sense, if it was just me, I’d come up with something weird.」

「I’m sure that’s not true, milady. What is the name that comes to your mind?」

「Right… I thought about *『Rufii』? Is it odd?」

(*TN: Because Shirufiine / EN: I will drop this series if Ariel learned how to use Gomu Gomu no Fuusen or the Third Gear or if she got weird ideas such as becoming the Pirate King. /CEN : My Google-fu says this may be from Yu-Gi-Oh, don’t hate 😛 Rion’s last anime is Yu- Gi-Oh)

「Not at all. This is milady’s spirit, the name you like will definitely be fine.」

「Alright, let’s call it Rufii. What comes after naming it?」

「Please raise your hand like you would feed a bird and call it over audibly. It will eat some of your internal mana, do not get angry about that.」

「I understand.」

Ariel did as Rion told and raised her right hand, palm up, like feeding an invisible bird.


She called out the name timidly.

The response arrived immediately. Numerous particles of light, like a swarm of fireflies, began to flicker around her hand. The number of light motes began to steadily increase and they started getting brighter.

Before long, not just her arms but her whole body became clad in the light.

「Ohh, as expected of Ariel-sama.」

Rion couldn’t help but voice his admiration. The contrast with the time when he first called upon the spirits was obvious. The number of the spirits in Ariel’s surroundings was way higher than in his and Rion thought that she was clearly loved by them very much. He also had one more impression.


The sun began peeking from beyond the horizon painting the eastern sky. In the dim, wooded backyard, Ariel dazzling with the spirit-light illumination looked like an angel or a goddess descending to earth.




After school that day.

On Ariel’s order, Rion guided her within the school premises. It wasn’t really needed, though, Ariel only used that excuse to make him accompany her.

Probably due to the incident from this morning, Ariel was in a good mood. Her outward appearance might not differ from usual, but Rion could see it from her demeanor. Aside from him, the only other people that would likely notice such a thing would be Vincent and their parents.

Rion wanted the day to end on the same note, but the situation didn’t develop as he wanted it to.

「Hmm, what are they doing over there?」

Letting Ariel notice the spectacle was Rion’s mistake. He wanted to guide Ariel away before that happened.

「The mood over there doesn’t seem to be very good, milady. I’m somewhat curious too, but it would be probably prudent not to get involved. 」

Although he attempted to divert her attention from the scene, it was futile.

「It seems the sour mood is the fruit of his majesty labors.」

「…That does look very likely indeed, milady.」

In front of Arnold, the central figure of the gathering in question, there was a group of, judging by exquisite hairstyles, noble ladies, trembling and looking overwhelmed. Behind him, one could spot a sheltering figure of Maria.

With this, Rion was able to get a good idea of what was happening.

「Come Rion, let’s join them.」

「Milady, please, we should really not interrupt…」


「This looks like a very delicate situation and we are not certain what caused it…」

「That much is obvious, I wish to know the reasons.」


「Stay if you wish, I’ll go on my own.」

「If milady goes, so do I.」

There was no way to stop her. Rion knew that from the very beginning, but he still cursed his incompetence. Forcing his heavy-feeling feet to move forward, Rion followed after his mistress.

When they approached closer, they heard Arnold demanding an explanation from the ladies he was facing.

「I will ask once again. What are you all doing to Maria?」

「N-Nothing, your highness.」

「Why is she crying then!?」

「T-That woman selfishly…」

「You don’t have any valid reason, do you!?」


As Rion suspected, Maria was being harassed and Arnold who happened to see the situation interfered to help her. There’s no mistake that it was one of the events that would make her get closer to the Crown Prince. Or one of those that would involve Ariel getting entangled to be worthlessly concluded with her getting angry.

「Good day, your highness, I’m happy to meet you here.」

Oblivious to Rion’s uneasiness, Ariel entered the scene and greeted the Crown Prince in a perfectly inoffensive way.


Sure enough, Crown Prince Arnold was facing the female students with a scolding look and if things went badly that gaze would turn to Ariel.

「May I ask why is everyone in such a place?」

「This has nothing to do with you.」

「Nevertheless, it is sad to see a group of ladies being chastised by a lord in public.」

「What did you say?」

She did not clash with Maria but spoke as if trying to pick a fight with Arnold instead. It was an unparalleled impertinence for Rion to cut into their conversation, but even knowing that he felt he had to.  

「Milady, wouldn’t it be prudent to learn all the facts first.」

「That’s perfectly unnecessary.」

「May I ask why?」

「The situation is clear. The ladies here did something to the commoner girl and that made his highness angry.」

「Aren’t they at fault then? Isn’t a scolding to be expected as a consequence?」

「That way of thinking is naive and simplistic.」

「Could I ask for explanation?」

「Disputes among high society ladies are commonplace. Having a man, and a royal at that, get involved in those is just not done. Elementary etiquette, Rion.」

「Is that the case?」


What Ariel was saying was an unspoken rule among the ladies of the high echelons of society. Bringing in a man’s authority into a conflict between women was considered tasteless. A person that did that, even if it brought them triumph, would be later on shunned in the social circle.

She was trying to apply that convention to the situation at hand. Although Rion didn’t know if that was an appropriate thing to do, he was able to guess why she tried.

「However, if a conflict like this escalated, wouldn’t that call for outside mediation?」

「It absolutely would.」

「Who would be the best-suited person for that role?」

「The most senior lady of the aristocratic world of course. The Queen herself.」

「…I see.」

But there was no way the Queen would bother coming to the Academy just to settle a squabble between female students. So would it mean that a dispute between the female students in the Royal Academy could not be resolved?

「I doubt you failed to notice, but mother is not here, do you intend to replace her as the mediator?」

Arnold interrupted the explanations with his usual displeased expression.

「Your highness, why would I ever wish such hassle on myself?」

「Wasn’t all this just now to use your position as my fiancée to do it?」

「Highness, I am neither a princess nor a Queen yet. Just a candidate for one by virtue of betrothal. I am under no illusion about being granted special privileges just with this.」


The way Ariel phrased this brought up a possibility of breaking off their engagement.

「What your highness should do now, is to designate someone from the Academy to be your esteemed mother’s surrogate in matters like this. It would help resolve this and any future disputes that are bound to happen.」

「I do not necessarily have to nominate you, do I?」

「Of course not. I have just enrolled here, this kind of burden would suit an upperclassman better.」

This could be easily understood as Ariel’s refusal to mediate as the Queen’s surrogate, and Arnold did actually take it this way.

「…Well then, I’ll nominate anyone other than you.」

「That is perfectly fine, your highness.」

Arnold’s attempt at sarcasm was shrugged off by Ariel. Having run out of rebuttals, the prince left the scene looking vexed. Maria, following right after was clearly delighted. Although at first she was perplexed about Ariel’s attitude, she became happy with the gap between Ariel and the prince obviously expanding due to this direct confrontation.

Although Rion understood Maria’s feelings, he couldn’t suppress his annoyance.  

「I kept you waiting Rion. Now that this is over, where will you take me next?」


「I want to fully enjoy my Academy life. I do not welcome any extra tasks that would be a distraction from that.」

「…Yes, milady」

Rion was able to deduce from those words that Ariel wanted a change of mood. Although his irritation at Maria didn’t lessen, he agreed with Ariel’s sentiment.

「All of you as well, won’t you stop wasting my precious time on such trivial things?」

The female students that felt relieved after the Crown Prince’s departure instantly turned pale at Ariel’s words. They immediately knew that she was genuinely angry. They were also aware that a genuinely angry Ariel would be incomparably scarier than Arnold could ever be.

「Milady, should we go to the cafeteria next? There are some inexpensive but delicious desserts I wish to recommend. Because milady doesn’t usually get to taste such things, why not use this as an opportunity?」

Once Rion stopped indulging himself with idle thinking and noticed the shivering female students, he made a light-hearted suggestion.

「Let’s do that. If that’s what Rion suggests then that’s fine.」

Ariel’s severe expression changed into a sweet smile as she faced Rion.

「Well then, lead on.」

「At once, milady」

To Ariel, everything other than spending her time with Rion was pointless. She wanted to make as many sweet memories with him as she could within the time she had left. That was Ariel’s only wish for her school life.

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  11. yop so to start love your theory up there about the hero team fail … it go with their inexperience and also the fact that maria foes not learn anything new about the world she’s in …A good fight is when you know the way of thinking of the ennemies, the location, the useful tool you can use, the political power that you must not offend etc …

    For the human torch, i thinks that would be copying to much on fantastic 4 or other comic book … but i wonder if he could use wind magic since he can see it (normally you can only see the particule that you can use … blue eye can see water particule, red eye fire but way can he see the wind too ??? would that be interesting…. what do you think?

    About the candidate theory in my opinion this is not your best up till now…. of course there more than one…. why do you think the house fight all the time…they’re more than one girl in the 3 houses but the more prudent choice would be Ariel… she’s from the good house (they each have their turn) She have the same age, she also is in the higher step of society ( not just some baron) she also did not have a bad reputation and she’s good with magic…. and there also a possibility that she could be the one heredity the power of her house (they never say only boy could compete for it so this is my wishful thinking dont ruin it) and her family can pay a big money to make her mary the prince….

    so now do you see why I am pretty sure she’s not the only one. Also there charlotte from a different house that is the living prof of that… and all the not commoner girl in the classroom A- B- and the other one the noble we already meat so far and also the bully could be pretender. Did you think the classroom only have 4 students. XD I’m kinding you but that really reading between the lines.

    1. My decision for the first one is really incomplete. Since all is know about the Devil is that he is a fairy tale figure. And if more information comes along my decision will change. Since the information is not complete for the enemy. I pretty much made judgement that they can not win because of their lack of experience for Arnold, Lancelot, and etc. I have not heard what kind of training they do but it does not sound like they push their bodies like Rion does nor have they made the contract with the Spirits. All I know about Maria and the others are they are top students but they have no real battle experience. Except the time the went on their hike, but during that time that guards and seem more like they were just shot free for all with their magic. Usually when character get thrown in a battle with the lack experience are usually the first one’s to die. We will have to see how the author goes with the other students training.

      I was messing with you with the human torch thing. Since the only person I know who can use fire and fly is the human torch. Of course their was mutant in the X-men series who could fly and use fire but I can not remember them. I would say he can if he uses tool that has wind magic. It sometimes happen in LN that people can fly if they have some sort of magical tool or might make up something.

      I was kind of making a question if there is more than one candidate because the way she said it made might meaning there might be another candidate encase something happens to Ariel or if that other candidate who is trying to become the heir to the Wind household might do something to change the arrangements. Since he is making connections with the other houses.

      I thought at first maybe the bullying was pretend but what if it is not. She mention she was bullied for being an Otaku when she was in her former world. Sometimes in real life people have a hard time getting over their bullying. I am sometimes the same, I out of nowhere would remember the bullying or bad events that happen back in High School. It is not as strong feeling that bothers me but for some reason I can not seem to forget it. And since she still has a strong connection to her former world because she thinks this world is a game, she is perhaps still holding on to those feelings. And when I had these memories flash up then I talk to people about it (usually a counselor). But it does not seem she has never talk to people about her problems in the old world. And if she talks to people about her problems right now from the old world in this new world people will think she is crazy. For her being a reincarnated person from another world. It looks like the only person she can talk to with her problems is Rion.

        1. It was hard time for me back then. I was in a terrible wreck I had to go to rehab. Suffered brain injury and had doctors give me the wrong medication for it for so long. Then when I return to school in was transfer to another one. It is not easy going to school like that. I was pretty much isolated myself back then during High School. And bully effected me more do to my brain injury. It was not until I went to college that I meet a real doctor who put me on the right medication. And I talk to the councilor at the college about my problems back then. And eventually I got over it started to workout, read, study, hanging out with friends, and etc. And I turn out just fine. Maria sounds like she pretty much isolated herself from everybody during her time she was living in Japan. In some LN such as Mushou Tensei and Artifureta the MC were bullied a lot because they were Otaku or made one mistake by getting involve with a problem or associated themselves with someone else. She was most likely the Otaku in the class and who knows how bad the bullying was done to her in that class for someone who isolated themselves.

    2. I retract what I said about the whole thing about using fire to fly. It may be possible. There have being characters some characters who could fly using fire. Such as Marco Phoenix who use ate the Devil fruit and had the powers of the phoenix. The MC and girl from Magika Swordsman and Summoner who could do it. By adding flaming wings to their backs they could fly. Even the video game Magna Carta 2 had the flame magician on that could use his ultimate attack to create wings and cause large damage to his opponents. So flying with fire maybe possible.

  12. just been thinking of something funny… why did the author made Rion dress as a girl when he was a kid if it’s not to make him dress again later as a girl… sorry but imagine that Ariel his invited to a party she need to go with only girl or her staff member.. so she ask him to put girl clothes and change the patch side (eye patch) put hair extension and pretend of a twin sister …. that would be hilarious even more if her brother know about it…. just a family joke XD (I’m sure that Rion would lose all of his composure when he will see ariel coming with a dress his size )…. Can help it too funny ahahah… ps: he his not a transexual but i’m sure he can pull it off for his love ppfff and imagine how much they could make fun of him after that … just like real friend would do … XD X)

    1. This just a guess. I think that the author main goal is to get people from both genders in a young age group to read his novel. Since some authors works will be like by mainly by one gender. Sort of like the whole Harem thing in LN is mainly going to get more males to read it. The whole force to dress up as girl was probably for the female service. And so far this does not look like a series which Rion will develop some sort of harem. But this is a guess, I am not so sure.

  13. It’s nice that now you don’t suffer because of the bully … but brain injury wow we don’t have the same bully … seriously for me it was never physical violence… Good things its behind you now

    PS: for th girl clothing … i just thinks that since nobody saw is red eyes it could work even more since he is not really old maybe 14-15 years old…guys at that age are often smaller then girl…
    they make him feel older but he is suppose to be the same age as maria and she feel youthfull enought + first love in a games does not happen at 20 years old…but that’s just in theory

    1. Thanks I hope you bullying is past you too. I was around 5’7 when I was in High School but did not finish my height at 5’11 until college. Some Asians look young but in truth they much older. When I am at work people think I am in my late teens.

      I came up with another theory that Charlotte may not be the mastermind. It could be the boy who is fighting Vincent as head of the Wind household. The reason I am saying this is because he seems more mysterious. He came out of nowhere claims to be the son of the father of the Wind household and the father believes it. Even though has not shown the wind magic. He is probably using some sort of Geass on the father to make him believe he is his son. He wants to be the head of the household because there is something that the Wind family have that he needs. Maria can use Charm magic but it does not look like it can help manipulate someone’s memory only to attract the opposite sex. The boy is using Maria to lower Vincent stand in society so he can have access to that place as the next head. He is using Charlotte to keep an eye on Maria and her progress since it does not seem the Charm has no affect on her. In exchange Charlotte will have Arnold after she reveals the Charm power to higher authority. In order for the promise day to come to either have the Devil summon to this world of have the boy reveal himself to be the Devil. But this is just a theory.

  14. good thinking but there a flaw in your theory … his mother … Rion did say she was someone that was there because she wanted it so i think she did everythings in her power to sleep with the father… so if he his the biological son of the marquis he could be behind the false rumor so that he could inherited the house but i dont think he need to manipulate mary and the other to do so . even when he was a child vincent had a bad reputation because he broke an artifact end he was bad in is study … he also did not have a lot of magic (before rion) so i’m thinking that he could try to inherite the familly but not try to raise the devil since it would contredict is plan in the first place…

    for my part i thinks the devil should not be summoned by one big mystic apparition but by a flow of negatif event …
    making it possible to stop it if only one person did not act in a negatif way… and since all the person are responsible from the awaking they should make sure to take him down too

    and that’s how the hero emerge with her group

    but of course they never tell anyone that everything is there fault in the first place

    kind of like they did with the demonwolf

  15. ch 20 is comming soon nice

    go translation team go go go your the best
    ps funny i never encourage the edithing team … should probably do it since it’s a team work …
    go go go editing team ch21

    😀 hope you like me giving being a chear in the background XD

  16. 11 day without any news…. are you okay ??? hope it’s just a computer bug…. ps: i now its not nice wishing bad luck but that’s the least i can think off right now with my family circonstance. So don’t think bad of me.

  17. now i’m really starting to worry but it’s the exam period in the university so maybe nothing bad happen cross my finger …. please be ok everyone

  18. Editing team? You guys stilk kicking?

    Also: theory.
    The game from Maria’s “homeworld” is another timeline then what rion is living in, if that makes sense.

    In the game time line. Rion A: died
    B: survived. Never picked up. And is still roaming/ still diedd later on.
    C: after suffering a lot, he became the next devil, and in hatred started to grow until the destinied time.
    D: died and his body was taken over by the “spirit” of the devil.

    The current timeline where they lived in has been throw in total disorder due ryou’s “soul” appearing inside rion’s body.

    By reading the story it is clear that ryou is doninating the thoughts.

    I personally think that the violent, aggressive rion would be a good devil and thus might have been the games devil. What do you guys think?

    1. I one time made theory that the different eye colors and how everyone sees as a superstition was because that the Devil or someone who was truly evil had the also had different eye colors. Since just about anyone who sees his eyes hates Rion.

      1. understand your theory ….. nice one …. the only problem is that it make all of the heroine work go to waste…. but eh she’s not really the heroine …. ps for the edithing team i try contacting them twice no aswer … maybe then have a limited internet forfait and they will start again in november (today for me but not everywere)

        1. I think the heroine is genuine and is really not much as a faker. I believe she is being used as a distraction so that the real culprit (which I believe is the boy fighting Vincent for the heir of the house) is using this to weaken the opposition or for something else. We do not know what has happen to the editing we will probably hear from the soon. Maybe they are going to release a double chapter because the last chapter was a major cliffhanger.

      2. @molita14 The fact that the time line different is, doesn’t mean that the heroine knows of it. By this action Rion also thinks the devil is coming, and thus he is preparing to fight. What makes this so beautifull is that the heroine is working hard for nothing.

  19. Half of the editing team caught an eye infection, got some nice antibiotic eyedrops and strict doctor orders not to look at any sort of computer screens for a while 🙂 But we’re back in business now. Sorry for the delay folks.

  20. ayoh …. hope you dont have any sequel from it … dont rush your self ok take it easy … your healt is what matters the most for us … thanks for telling us… at leas we know what happen …

    1. It means that all the work on it is done and it can be released any time Enori feels like it. I think it’s scheduled to go up on Sunday to give us time to finish 21 first so we have something in stockpile for a change 😉

  21. ok thanks I did verify 3 time today but now that i know its for tomorrow i can at least wait without wanting to check every 5 sec

  22. @dyone
    love your idear
    but i can’t really imagine how the heroine or ryon are going to react when they found out there are no demon lord…. all they hard work for nothing still hope Ryon would not have work with the heroine but if he dont the heroine would bring all the country to an empty war
    it feel kind of funny
    someone would probably stop her before…. unless it all because of the game but the game would be pretty mess up …
    really love your theory but i can’t really picture the ending for this one so will continue with an alternative one but if you can maybe give me an explanation of how you see the ending maybe i could visualise it better and find a way to tell you some side option to it… Like talking to you by the way

    1. If you have a recomandation for a site or app to chat, i’d love to discuss theories.
      The way i meant that it all is useless is that the heroine “confesses” to the people that the devil is returning, and or at leasts to her closes friends. Lancelot being Lancelot believes her without doubt, but the others have some doubts, but give her to advantage, and thus they prepare. In the end the devil did not show up and thus her friends think she lied, and Lancelot being Lancelot ends up badly because he supported her that much. Her reputation destroyed she will need to find shelter, and since about 90% of the female nobility of her generation hates her, she will have it hard. meanwhile Rion is being Rion, continues training, not discovering he should be the devil and thus prepares to kill the heroine. then something something something, A: Rion stays butler, no love between Ariel and Rion. (neutral end) B: Rion and Ariel marry. (Good end). C: Rion stays butler, secret relationship between Ariel and Rion (chaotic end), and a bunch of other theories.A bad end would be that Ariel is killed by Lancelot or the Heroine in preparations for the fighting of the devil.

      This is just my theory, but even i am not sure how to end this, i do hope ending B, like Prince dies, Rion marries Ariel, Vincent is marquiss, and they live happy after or something. Some cousin or brother from prince takes over the country if possible, otherwise just VIVA LA REVOLUTION, and make Rion the king.

      1. i rather talk on the site … no offence to the other way of communication but i have more then one reason to like talking through those web site…
        there something that i wish to understand … the heroine would be self-destructing without Rion doing anything..
        not a fan of this theory… i feel like it to empty… no demon king …no fight again Lacelot to protect the honor of their house… no personal fight for the crown … no fight to oppose the heroine… so Rion would be the guy who do nothing but protect his 2 master during their school years…it make the story feel empty.

        i know it’s base on a Otome game but even lovey Dovey have a limit to how much it can make a good story … So sorry if i have a different opinion …. But for this kind of fantastic novel i would love not to see only realistic opinion fight between the heroine and the (supposed vilain) but i really would love to see them have a show down of what they can really do in difficult situation to see who’s the best . Like they had in the expedition you can see that Rion was superior than the heroine and her group of friends by his tactic his fighting ability and the way he put other before himself

        But one thing is really great about youre theory …. the heroine receiving her just opinion from the public. She would be force to realise that she misconduct and she would have to ajust herself if she would want to have a chance of redemption….PS: im a great fan of second chance so i thinks she could have one if she try to do her best after you theory….so that’s the point that i like the most about your theory

        hope you dont take my opinon badly im just thinking out loud my point is not to be mean or anything…

  23. I just read the document (talk) previously sent on the site … is it not your way of to communicate between the translator and editor…. I dont want to start a conversation on top of you and i also prefer to talk to everyone on this site via the reply system….since we have a lot of theory already written …. but thanks for the offer. i appreciate it
    but i already have 4 different mail box … i really dont need a new one …

  24. prefer the theory off charlotte being the devil or the devil being kill by ryon after the heroine fail…but she could become an ally after they fell … so in a way your theory could work out

  25. Oh God, I just want to cry like some grill while sitting in my pillow fort covered by a blanket, because Ariel is just so damn perfect ;__;

  26. #click (got triggered)
    Well in my opinion Maria did that on purpose so…. (^w^) Maria-san could stand still~ yep like that, now I’ll gladly slap your cheek till your head fall off from your neck..

    0w0# ah.. sorry did I do something just now?

  27. Ffs kiss already and make some babies!!! >//< I will support Ariel x Rion forever snd ever even if the heavens punish me for this.


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