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Akuyaku Reijou ni Koi Wo Shite – Chapter 8 –
Event : The season of encounters”

Spring season. Although this was the most hectic and important period for the teachers of the Royal Academy, the newly admitted students had resurfacing thoughts of everything feeling anew ―― At least that’s how it was supposed to be every year.

Particularly this year, in the faculty room, the teachers put in charge of first years were focusing their grave expressions on the faculty leader.

「How did the things end up like this?」

「What are you saying now, you should’ve expected this outcome all along, shouldn’t  you?」

Although the faculty leader was scolding the grumbling homeroom teacher, in reality he himself felt like complaining too.

「I know that, but I still can’t help complaining!」

「I feel the same.」

「However, to be in charge of those “first years” that only arrive once in decades…」


Although it was already obvious, the thing making the teachers rack their brains was the issue of the first years.

This year’s roster of incoming students has been completed. It looked like the period of suffering that was said to only come once every several decades was approaching with the outstanding lineup.

The first person of the list would be the crown prince himself, his highness Arnold Highland. In other words, the future king.  In addition, there also were the younglings of the marquesses.

The heir of House Aqusmea , viscount Lancelot Minister.

The second daughter of House Fatillas , Charlotte Lanchester.

Finally, the heir of the House Windhill , viscount Vincent Woodville.

The gathering of the three marquess houses. Together with the crown prince, it was the splendor of the three heirs. The gathering of the children of the most influential people had happened in the past as well.

“If the other Houses get married, then even our House would!” “If news got out about a pregnancy in the other House, then all the more our House would make one happen as well!” such small rivalries had tended to happen naturally.

This usually resulted, with the younglings being close in age, in the so called period of suffering that only arrived once per decades and which the teachers feared the most.

With all that said, all of them being concentrated in one year was not really that rare.

Although the Royal Academy welcomed the influential younglings with much delight, deep inside they were greatly perplexed. The social status of the Academy’s staff, even the principal, was below them.

That itself was fine. The concerns regarding social status happened every year. The problem was when the offspring of the most influential people clashed between themselves. It would bring heaps of trouble and if such a thing indeed happened, what could be their course of action?

「Let’s try checking the roster again. If it comes to the crown prince, there is no problem about his temperament. As expected of  his majesty the future king, how praiseworthy.」

The teacher in charge reported about the prince, while holding documents in hand.

「Do you believe in that?」

In contrast, another teacher had a different opinion.

「That is…」

「There’s no way official information from the palace would report the crown prince as having deplorable character.」

「You shouldn’t speak so carelessly.」

The faculty leader immediately reproached that teacher. It was a remark that could easily be taken as saying that the crowned prince has a deplorable character.

「…Ah, that’s right.」

「Discipline, swordsmanship and magic prowess, no matter which you choose, there is no mistake that he really excels in them. In addition, wouldn’t one think that proper conduct was engraved into him as the the crown prince?」

The teacher who reported information about the crown prince first added redeeming qualities as well. It was probably to follow up on the faculty leader.

「That’s right isn’t it? Well then, let’s move to the next one.」

Taking such statements, the teacher in charge put an end to the talks about the prince and proceeded with the next subject.

「Yes. It’s viscount Lancelot Minister of the House Aqusmea.」

「Well then, on the Academy grounds it will be Lancelot-kun, just to be safe.」

The warning of the faculty leader arrived again. It was the duty of the faculty head to guide the teachers. Deciding a nickname for a student among other things, was made to protect them too.

「…Uhh, It’s my first time being a homeroom teacher so…」

Even if doing so was a bewildering novelty for the teachers.

「Get used to it. This is an order.」

「Understood. Lancelot-kun has good grades and displayed an excellent talent for magic as well. His personality is described as being mature.」

「…Then how about Charlotte-san?」

The one to speak was the teacher who raised concerns about the reports regarding to the crown prince.

「It’s the same.」

「The same? So both of them, are not only of high social status but also have an excellent talent compared to most of people?」

Again, that teacher had raised his doubts. If one wanted to describe it gently, his conduct was cautious, but to put it bluntly he was simply mistrustful.

「That’s just how it is with the royal and marquess families.」

The faculty leader declared flatly.

Those with outstanding talents had them due to their bloodline. It was the reason why aristocrats had been as respected as they were. Even if one thought otherwise, one must not deny such a thing at any cost.

「…Ah, that’s right. If that’s the case, then Vincent-kun should be excellent as well.」

「His talent in the sword is lacking and his physical strength is a problem. His talent in magic is about average. Well he’s just growing. He only studies if he is given motivation so proceed with caution. Although his character seems a little bit selfish from the outside, inside he seems really gentle.」

「So… only this piece information is really accurate, right?」

「That’s how it has been written. Well even if you don’t see the reports, his case is a well-known one after all.」


「Have you not heard about it? He ran amok after getting failing marks on the trial ceremony for magic and not being satisfied with the result. He also broke important magic tools in the process and Lancelot-kun who was supposed to take the trial with him was not able to do so. It’s seems he is a person much frowned on.」

「…That’s the worst, isn’t it?」

His conduct was exactly alike to that of the anecdotal selfish aristocrats. Just hearing about the story, the face of the teacher immediately turned dejected.

「Yes, Vincent-kun is a student that needs further attention, even among those first year students.」

Declaring this, it seems the Faculty head had also checked him beforehand.

「…I’m in charge of the B-class where Vincent was assigned though!」

It seems that was the reason why he suddenly turned dejected.

「Eh? Is that the case?」

On the other hand, the teacher assigned to A class was all smiles.

Normally, the implicit rule stated that the high aristocrats should be in the A class and followed by the lower aristocrats in B and C class accordingly. If it’s the children of the marquesses, then they should have really been in A class.

Under normal circumstances, he would be dejected knowing that there would be a problem child in the difficult to handle A-class, but it seems this time that was not the case.

「For some reason, his name appeared on my B-class roster. Isn’t that odd?」

The one who answered his question was the faculty leader.

「It was changed due to reasons.」

「Faculty leader, good heavens! What if the House Windhill complains about that?!.」

「The House Aqusmea representative already came earlier saying, “Don’t tell me, you would put them in the same class?”」

「…There’s discord already?」

「It seems that is the case. Officially, the classes have been arranged randomly. It has been an experiment in consideration of the Academy’s situation, or so runs the official  excuse.」

「In other words?」

「Those who are in the same class have different social standings.」

「No way…」

Those who enrolled into the Royal Academy were not limited to aristocrats. Even the commoners, if they passed the entrance exam, would be able to attend. Of course the exam was a really big hurdle that wouldn’t let you pass if you did not display excellence. But on the bright side, if one overcame it, the possibilities in one’s future would become unlimited.

This year, it seemed there were many successful applicants. Those who passed the exam were informed, that the children of the Royal Family and the three marquesses were enrolled as well.

If they had caught the attention of those young lords and ladies and were used by them, it would be the same as seizing a thread of successful future career.

The teachers could only pray that they would behave well aiming for that.

 This way the professors were given a completely new thing to worry about., Now it wouldn’t be just usual squabbles between aristocrats, but also discord due to difference in social status.


The gate was crowded by numerous carriages.

 It was a queue of vehicles long enough, that the tail disappeared from view. It was a spectacle that happened every year.

The students were entering the dorms, therefore there was not only a carriage with the person itself, but also a wagon carrying the person’s luggage that was pulled along on the road.

It was luggage of young nobles. The amount was high. Even though there would really be plenty already with just the student’s belongings, possessions of the servants who tagged along were added as well.

Just looking at this spectacle, one would already guess the social status of the first years. The ones walking on the edge of the street where the carriage lined up, were the commoners who had to carry their own luggage.

「Oi! You’re a hindrance! Move aside!」

The black-haired girl turned her head towards where the voice came from.

「What do you mean by hindrance!? I am following the rules! You on the other hand… Eh?」

The girl who threw a fit of complaints all of a sudden turned a bewildered facial expression to Rion. Behind him she noticed Vincent who having complained  first, stood there with a displeased expression on his face.

「Erm…, Well, I apologize.」

「Why is Rion apologizing? Isn’t this girl the one who was in the way with the luggage she was carrying?」

Because the girl also was a first year student, she must have been a commoner. The large amount of her luggage was placed on the ground.  She was probably scolded by Vincent at a time when she was taking a rest due to fatigue.

「That is so, however I also think that the way in which Vincent-sama’s has talked was too severe. Shouldn’t you speak more tactfully towards a lady, sir?」

「Whether they be a woman or whatever, I don’t care. They should not be allowed to hinder me.」

「That may be so, however…. Miss would you please move your luggage aside? The carriages frequently ride through this place so leaving it there would be a hindrance to the pedestrians.」

「Eh? Ah, but…」

「Is your luggage heavy? If that is the case, I can move it for you instead.」

「Ah, no, that’s not the case but…」

「Do you want me to carry it for you? If you really wish so, I shall do as you say…」

Rion didn’t know the reason behind the bewilderment of the female student. His innermost thoughts were that he got entangled with a somewhat weird woman making him perplexed.

「You’re wrong! Erm…, Are you from the House Windhill?」

「…How would you know that?」

Rion’s gaze turned severe immediately. He was currently wearing black clothes and an eye patch to hide his heterochromia. Although doing that wouldn’t necessarily hide his handsome face, when his eyes cast a severe glare, the coldness one could feel from them transformed him into a beauty.

Sure enough, the face of the girl on the receiving end, had turned into frightened one.

「Rion. You are scaring the girl as well.」

「Erm… I just want to know the reason.」

With Vincent pointing it out, Rion became conscious of the fact and turned his frown into a smile while asking.

「You called him Vincent-sama…」

「Just from the name?」

「If it’s someone from the three marquess houses, I would remember it easily as expected.」

「…You are a first year, are you not?」


「Understood. Assuming we were indeed from the House Windhill household, what of it?」

It’s not like he was content with the girl’s explanation, but for the time being, he decided to move on.

「Why are you on foot?」

「Why? We are taking a stroll.」

Rion answered with a face implying “Why are you even asking?”. Travelling by foot with no purpose in mind was obviously taking a stroll.


However, it seems the female student didn’t understand.

「Because we’re bored, we took a stroll… Keeping in consideration Vincent-sama’s… exercise regimen.」

He was about to say “diet” but changed his words immediately. Because he knew that Vincent would definitely be angry if he said so.

「…But you were supposed to come here in a carriage, and should have forcibly drove in the opposite lane.」


This time it was Rion’s turn to use a questioning tone. He immediately thought that what the girl was saying didn’t make any sense.

「No, it’s nothing.」

「…What should we do with your luggage?」

「…I will carry it myself.」


Rion, who at first thought that they were entangled with an odd woman, tried to immediately move away from that place. However, a voice coming from one of the carriages prevented that.

「I will have House Windhill’s deplorable acts stop now!」

「What? I haven’t done anything!」

「Are you not bullying the female student? To think you would brandish your family’s influence towards a helpless lady! If such a thing is not disgraceful, then what is!?」

「Like I told you, I have not done such a thing!」

「I’m telling you to stop!」

「Getting full of yourself… Firstly, just who the hell are you?」

「What did you say!?」

Vincent’s opponent raised a startled voice. Well that was to be expected.

「Vincent-sama, is that not Lancelot-sama of House Aqusmea?」

Rion whispered to Vincent.

「…Come to think of it, we have met before haven’t we? However, it was when we were children and, I can’t remember it clearly.」

「Even if that’s the case, looking at the crest on the carriage…」

There was a spherical emblem of three water drops placed in a swirling manner on the carriage that Lancelot rode. Every aristocrat in the kingdom knew that crest belonged to the House Aqusmea.

「…Oh that’s right. What should we do?」

「A conflict between two from the marquess households would not benefit the country.」

「Right, then what should we do?」

「Let us withdraw from this situation and depart. I shall take care of the small details.」

「Alright, I’ll leave it to you.」

Rion separated from Vincent and stood in front of the female student.

「To be frank, I do not know the reason, but if we have offended you in any way, I apologize. Please forgive us.」

Having said that, Rion bowed deeply.

「Eh? Ah no… I」

「Will you forgive us?」

「Erm… Yes.」

「Well then, please excuse us.」


「…Is there anything more?」

「You are?」

「I am merely Vincent-sama’s valet. Though there is a possibility of us meeting in the academy, as I am just a lowly servant, please ignore my existence.」

「Ignore? There’s no way I can…」

「That’s as far as my existence goes.」

The real intention behind stressing it was because he didn’t want to be involved with a seemingly troublesome woman.

Sending a signal to Rion, Vincent walked ahead looking displeased. He must have gotten irritated with the other noble who was still spouting complaints.

Passing the carriage that Lancelot rode and lightly bowing his head,Rion followed Vincent.

The female student who saw that muttered softly.

「It seems that apart from the regular capture characters, there is someone like you as well, huh? Was he a hidden target?」

If Rion heard her voice just now, his hypothesis would be justified.

But since he did not, he just advanced forward.

Soon, Rion halted and turned his head towards the already distant girl, the scene somehow piquing his curiosity.

Handing her luggage over to Lancelot, the female student rode in his carriage.

Even though she refused him, who was only a valet, it was okay for her to have Lancelot carry her luggage. Rion thought he was correct considering her odd.

「Rion! What are you waiting for!?」

「Yes, coming.」

Stopping any further thoughts, Rion followed Vincent’s back.

「Rion has been right, entering ahead of time has been the right thing to do.」

「To think getting ahead by day would be that much different after all. Although moving the entrance of the other aristocratic families to a further date would have prevented such a crowd from happening in the first place.」

「That’s right, isn’t it? That aside, the woman before has been quite weird, hasn’t she?」

「So Vincent-sama thinks so as well? It would be better to not get entangled with such a person. I have a feeling that this type will bring you nothing but troubles.」

「Right, I’ll be careful.」

Unfortunately, this warning of Rion would be meaningless. Even if Vincent had no desire to do so, getting entangled with the woman was something destined to happen.

The Rion of that day, have yet to understand it. That this world was not just an “alternate world”, but was a “special world” at the same time.

That this world has a “protagonist” in it and the woman they met just now was that “protagonist”.


Waking up when it was still early and starting his training, even though his life in the Royal Academy had just begun, Rion had not the tiniest bit of intention to change this habit. Actually, now that he left the mansion, he planned to do more training and studying.

He, who was merely a valet, didn’t have the right to attend classes. Although he had to go to Vincent’s classroom during break time, his working hours were limited to that only.

The time he could use freely for himself has multiplied. As to how he should use that time, Rion was thinking about it while swinging a sword.

What should he prioritize? Swordsmanship? Magic? His studies? If it would be studies, then what kind? Although he was free to that degree, that was not what was occupying his mind.

It was full of curiosity towards the female student.

It seems that the incident that had happened between them had by now spread widely inside the academy. In a rather  warped way.

Vincent, who was from the marquess house, was wielding his authority to bully a female commoner. However, rather than yielding, the girl pointed out his errors instead and Lancelot, happening to see her dignified conduct, had decided to help her.

Thus Vincent, unable to continue the harassment, was forced to apologize to the girl.

The female student not yielding to the heir of a marquess and magnificently repelling him with sound reason, immediately became the center of attention. Being able to get closer to Lancelot of the Aqusmea due to that was also a reason why the rumour has gained the attention of many.

In return, Vincent’s reputation plummeted. The rumour making rounds said that it looked like the rumored black sheep of the Windhills was really a failure.

Rion could not understand why was such a falsehood spreading through people as if it was a fact. The queue of the carriages was very long, there should have been numerous witnesses.

He felt an ill-intent behind the rumours.

Even though they were trying to raise Vincent’s reputation for the succession conflict, it plummeted instead. Rion would not permit such a thing. He could not forgive himself for letting it happen.

Leaving things as they were wouldn’t be good. Merely strengthening Vincent’s swordsmanship and magic would not be enough.

The succession conflict was political. In order to become the victor, necessary knowledge and strength had to be obtained at all costs. Rion’s sword-holding hand was inadvertently filled with strength.

As if reacting to that resolve, the spirits began to gather within his surroundings. Different from before, their appearance now easily reflected in Rion’s eyes.

Being completely unlike the spirits of Ryou’s world, the appearance of those was perfectly spherical. Rion could now call them easily as he liked.

Or rather, truth be told…

「Sarah, Diane, have you been trying to cheer me up?」

He had even named them.

Although even when he spoke to them, there was, of course, no reply. But even so, during times there had been no people in his surroundings, Rion began to put his thoughts and feelings into words in this way, and had been talking to them.

It didn’t really have a specific purpose. If he must really say it, he had no proper conversation partners other than Vincent and Ariel, and those two were his lords. They were not people whom you could vent your complaints to.

To Rion, the spirits were the only beings that he could speak about such things.

「Or perhaps, are you just hungry?」

The spirits gathered on both hands of Rion and had begun to absorb mana.

「…are you a koi that swarm on a bait or something?」

Those were Ryou’s thoughts that were put into words. Ryou’s consciousness had still remained in this mind and not just that, the consciousness of Flay who resided in this world could also resurface.

The two individuals’ sense of values hugely differed from each other, so they had met, but were not able to merge completely.

That resulted in the personalities residing in his body turning into three existences – Rion who was the master personality and the fragments of the two that had not fused.

Rather than becoming one personality, the combination had transformed it into three.

Even Rion himself could not help but feel amazed about that peculiarity. And although it made him feel some apprehension, he had also accepted it. Every single one of them had been Rion after all.

It was also unexpectedly useful at times.

「Build an information network, huh? That’s an idea.」

While being accompanied by the spirits, he had also began thinking of a way to raise  Vincent’s fame . If one was burdened by malicious rumors, then the only way forward was to establish favourable ones. If the rumors were really spread with ill-intent, then he had to obtain the strength to determine the source.

「So in the end I really must lay my hands on someone again, huh? If that ever reaches Ariel-sama, I’m going to be whipped badly again, huh? A really serious whipping…」

While wearing a bitter smile, Rion put on the eyepatch that he took off earlier. That was to not let Vincent’s reputation suffer due to having a valet with heterochromia.

Everything was for the sake of his master, Vincent. It was for the sake of Vincent’s victory in the conflict of heirs and Ariel’s successful future.

With the rising sun on his back, Rion returned to the dorm.

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