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Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite – Chapter 2 :

In the end, just what the heck am I!?


I followed the handmaiden down the corridors

As we walked around, I became all the more surprised having come to understand the vastness of this building. A hallway that continued to expand as if endless, and in the walls doors that lined up to the point of being countless.

Being in one of those large hotels probably gave the same feeling, but because I had never visited one of those, it was just a wild guess.

Through that corridor, numerous people were walking.

There were females wearing the same maid clothing as the one that was worn by the woman called Lisa. The males, on the other hand, were wearing suits, or rather maybe it was closer to a tuxedo. I had also noticed the people in helmets that rarely passed by, I wondered if they were something like escorts or knights

It was very similar to the medieval Europe that one  saw in the movies.

Though I was glancing at those who we passed by through the opening in my bangs quickly enough to make them not realize that I was looking, those others were looking at me without any restraint.

What was a dirty child doing there? Even though I couldn’t hear it, I understood what was going on in their heads.

Just how long did we have to walk? Descending one more level and then exiting the building, what we arrived into was a courtyard with a fountain located ahead.

Wash your body here.」


「I will leave the towel here. You can call me when you are done until then I will wait.」

「… Okay.」

My questions would be ignored.

As if she already said what she had to, the handmaiden left.

Was taking a bath for an orphan of the slums such a waste or something? Or was it that taking a bath was a luxury for the other people?

Upon asking inside my head to the other me, the only thing I understood was, that I had never taken a bath myself.

There was a spherical pipe that projected out of the fountain and from there, water was continuously flowing. There were countless water buckets around the place where water poured. At the very least, it functioned not only as a fountain but also a bathing place.

Holding that bucket in my hands, I let the flowing water fill it.

Thank goodness, the current season wasn’t winter. In the first place, I didn’t even know if this world had seasons — no, it seems it did.

Would I be able to manage with this weather difference?

I began to take off the robe-like clothes I wore. There was nothing underneath them, I was stark naked. Though it was embarrassing, right then I was just a kid and by convincing myself with that, I managed to bear with the embarrassment.

I poured the water starting from my head. Looking at it as it flowed over my skin down to my toes, my mood began to worsen. Just from being poured on, the water became muddy. Just how much dirt was there on my body?

Scooping water again, this time, I poured water on myself while scratching my head. I ignored the fact that the water got even dirtier and began to feel good.

While scratching my head, I poured water over myself again and again.

Being able to use such clean water in this way, it seems it was the first time for the other me. I started to feel happiness filling my heart.

When the amount of dirt flowing in the water has decreased, I started to pour it while scratching my scalp. But having to do it manually seemed like it would be a pain, so I knelt below the pipe that stretched from the fountain and holding my head underneath I began to wash.

Because my body was just that of a small child, it was easy to do so.

Though originally I didn’t particularly love bathing, bathing like this would never have been a bother at all, rather I could have gotten addicted to this wonderful feeling.

With this situation, though wishing for shampoo would have been useless, I began to want for soap. Was there soap? Though they probably had one, I guessed that it came with a high price.

Someone like me, used to living in a world of abundant resources in the past, would have to deal with a lot of hardships by living in this world. When that thought entered me, I immediately dismissed it from my mind.

Thinking about it, only negative thoughts had been surfacing in my head.

Right then, I just wanted to continue enjoying this bath.

Because I was already done with my hair, I switched to my body. Just washing with water and scrubbing, caused crumbling bits of dirt to come off. Suddenly realizing something, I began to search for an item that separated from me in the fountain.

My objective was unexpectedly found immediately.

It was a stone with a rough surface. I picked it up and started using it to scrub my body making the dirt come off with a bit of pain.

Because I could not reach my back, I lied down and scratched the grime off using fountain surface.

The truth was, I wanted to wash my body immediately after entering the fountain. but thinking that I would probably be scolded, I stopped myself.

Not minding the fact my body was feeling cold, I intently continued bathing.

After a considerable time, the handmaiden appeared in my view, but I was still stark naked.

Though my appearance was that of a child, the person inside was a fine young man. Being seen nude would be really embarrassing, so I quickly wiped my body with a towel and immediately put on some clothes.

My hair was still soaking wet. Covering it with a towel, I immediately wiped it dry. Because it was as long as a girl’s hair, it was irritating.

「Are you done?」

「Yes. I’ll just dry my hair.」

「If you’re going to wipe it, do it with this.」

Saying that, she handed me a new towel. Receiving it, I wiped my hair. Though it was obviously easier to wipe it with a dry towel, it would’ve been better if she handed both of them over from the start. Though those thoughts entered my mind, I didn’t voice them.

With the moisture being removed to some extent, I gathered my irritating hair together and tied it with the towel.

My body was refreshed. My line of sight was also good. Anyhow, it felt good.

「Thank you for waiting.」


Though I called out to the handmaiden, there was no answer. Thinking about what was wrong, I turned my gaze towards her, she was standing there stiff with her eyes wide open.


「…Oh, you are done… Let’s return to your room.」

Though the handmaiden had quite a complex facial expression, she said nothing more and headed towards the building.

The confused me could only follow after her.

During the time returning to the room, the surrounding gazes were turned towards me without restraint. If I was to speak, I would say I felt like they just got worse.

There were people taken aback, there were also ones frankly frowning, or showing unpleasant feelings. I knew it, it got worse.

Thinking that something turned weird after washing my body, I began to check myself and rub my face to examine it, but even having done that, I understood nothing. Since it couldn’t be helped, I began walking with my face straight ahead, as if not minding the stares from around me,

Climbing to the third floor, I had passed through countless doors on my way. Upon returning to my former room, the handmaiden halted.

「We have prepared a meal in the room.」

「T-Thank you very much.」

「…Please stay inside and behave well.」


As always, her gaze remained cold.

The social status discrimination in this world might be worse than I thought.

If that was the case, being allowed inside the house and having food and room prepared beforehand must have been a considerable show of hospitality already.

No matter how I thought of it, I would never understand.

When I entered the room, as the handmaiden said, there was food on the table.

It was a piece of round bread, salad, scrambled egg and orange juice.

Upon looking at those, an intense feeling of hunger began to assault me. Thinking about it, ever since I’ve regained consciousness in this world, I had not eaten once. As for the other me, it was even worse than that, it seems he usually had an empty stomach for the whole day. Though he had gotten used to it.

I sat on the chair and began by trying the orange juice.


The strong flavor was delicious, to the point that made one doubt what the orange juice of the former world really was.

With my expectations raised, I began to put the bread in my mouth. It was tough and seemed dried out, the former world’s one was better.

Afterward came the scrambled egg. It was really great and also had a strong flavor.

The salad was the same. Every vegetable’s taste was very strong, even without a dressing it was surprisingly delicious.

The other me was also delighted. It seems I had never tasted such fresh food in my whole life …Fresh?

Information suddenly flooded my mind but was immediately flushed away. It’s probably because I had been reminded of things better not remembered during meal time.

The food in front of me disappeared in just a blink of an eye. Although I was far from having my stomach full, I did feel sated. It seemed that the other me was a very light eater.

My body felt relief, even my stomach was very satisfied. Due to that, I decided to thoroughly think through my current situation.

No matter how you looked at it this place was definitely different to my former world.

Though it could possibly be just a dream, trying to cling to that possibility would be pointless.

From then on, I had to figure out how should I live in this world.

Though it had an atmosphere similar to medieval Europe, or rather because it was like the medieval Europe, I had no idea about how did the society work.

Though I could somewhat rely on my other self, I couldn’t really expect much. Not only was he just a child, the only thing he knew about was the special environment of the slums, with little idea of anything else.

And as I already knew from the memories coming to my mind, he suffered quite a lot of hardships.

It seemed the time for one to be able to understand his/her surroundings was when reaching adulthood.

I had memories of living under one roof with adults. Because it had been in the slums the weren’t exactly engaged in honest work, but there were no reasons to be troubled about food. Even if it was relative to the standards of my other self.

When those adults had disappeared, the situation had turned worse.

There was a limit to how one could get food as a very young child, he had no choice but to scavenge at the dump site. Looking for edible scraps in the piles of garbage was not easy either, after all, he was not the only one searching.

There was mad scramble towards the garbage of good quality, and he, not having the strength to win, had to turn towards the refuse others ignored. Digestive problems to the point it felt like agony had happened countless of times.

The hardships were not limited to only that.

Though he himself didn’t know why it seemed he was hated by his surroundings.

Those who wouldn’t permit him to get close weren’t just a few, in addition, no matter what he did, he would not be forgiven.

That was the atmosphere around him.

He was not strong, nor did he have a person to rely on, yet he managed to live in the lawless zone that was the slums. It sure was good that he didn’t die.

I also realized the reason why I had been lying bruised in that place before.

The other me had tried to kill that man called “Dan” and his comrades at the time. He had been gathering weapons and been waiting for the right chance for a while, and when the right opportunity arrived, he failed, having the tables splendidly turned on him. He was beaten up to near death and was left battered at the location.

It looked like he was a very proud child.

Even faced with such a disastrous start to life, he did not yield and had a strong enough heart to take action and try to change his situation.

He was greatly different to all the other orphans, having realized that all the things he could never have or reach, gave up on silly dreams and focused on simple bloody-minded survival.

Would I do the same in his place? Could I abandon my hopes so ruthlessly if the situation required? A tide of doubts and questions swelled in my mind.

This body belonged to the other me and he gave up on his future to keep on living. Didn’t I just close the doors on that awaiting life?

That would not do. I would not allow such a thing.

I had to recover the will of this body, I should be able to do so. The being that killed the person before was, in fact, not myself. The actions at that time were not mine, but my other self’s.

I would hand it over, this body.

Originally, this body belonged to him, to begin with anyway.

I willed him to rise, to wake up. The life from that day onward belonged to him, from then on, I would have him live that life according to his will.

Even just a little, that help… He would


[1]A strange feeling. This was the second time.I had the sensation of waking up, but I could recall nothing else.

In front of me there was an empty bowl.

It was my first time having that kind of food. Not even mentioning the taste, but just how many years had it been since I had eaten food that smelled good? At the very least, not since that guy had died.

I… There was another self that was living inside of me.

No, that was wrong. Not myself. There was a guy inside my head who knew various things I had no idea about. Just who was he?

I had lots of memories that I didn’t understand at all.

A great many towers, tall enough to make you crane your neck up, were standing in a line.

What was that?

I knew, that it was called a “skyscraper”, however, this was my first time hearing that word and still, for some reason, I understood what it meant.

There was a box that was moving as if being pulled by a horse.

What was it?

A car, an automobile.

Though I did not know about it all, for some reason I knew that it was called such.

Even though the night sky was spread overhead, the surroundings were bright. Various colors were sparkling all around. Was this a well-known magic?  It was not, answered someone within me.

Though I was curious about those things, I put them aside.

What was all that?

A different world. That other person inside me seemed to be born in a different world.

Though I struggled to believe it, I knew that there could be no doubt.

I didn’t know what was what anymore.

In the first place, I thought I should’ve died.

Dan had tormented me terribly. Slums were not a naive place where one would let a would-be assassin live, but I was alive and I killed that bastard.

It was frightening.

After killing the guy whom I hated so much, rather than feeling happy I was overwhelmed with fear. Unable to stop shivering and unable to move, I had lost consciousness.

This place was where that noble brat was living.

The treatment I received until now was not bad. However, the other party was nobility. They wouldn’t feel gratitude towards someone like me, that was apparent from the gaze of that handmaiden.

That stare was similar to those of the bastards at the slums, disgust, mixed with something else, a gaze where one can only feel displeasure. Though the guy inside me had no idea, I had experienced it many times.

As I thought, it would be better to abandon my greed after all.

After getting out of this mansion, how should I live afterward?

The other guy knew various things that I had no idea about.

That should prove to be helpful.

Suddenly, I heard a voice in the hallway again.

It seemed that the cheeky noble brat would make another appearance.

When the door opened, that little girl entered as I expected. Though she was puffing her chest conceitedly, because she had such little body I just found it ridiculous.

「It seems you have become clea–」

After approaching me, she stiffened as if taken aback.

It was a bit different to those guys in the hallway.



The unexpected words the little brat muttered made me surprised.

「Hey, those eyes. Why are the colors different?」


I had no idea what was this girl talking about. Saying that the colors of my eyes were different, wasn’t it normal for others to have different eye colors?

「Have you ever tried looking in the mirror?」


There was no way that the folks in the slum area would have something that expensive. The daughter of aristocrats didn’t even know that much?

「Well then, have a look.」

The girl took a small mirror from her pocket and presented it to my face.

Taking it would be unnecessary. My face was already reflected on the surface, but because it was too small and didn’t show the whole thing, I had to move my face from side to side

The color of my eyes, it was different indeed.

It’s not that the color of the girl’s eyes was different from mine, but my eyes differed in color from each other. Blue right eye, red left eye, I had never met such kind of a human.

I finally realized what differentiated me from the other people.

「See, doesn’t it differ?」

The little girl said delightedly to the bewildered me.

I had no idea what was so fun about it.


I decided to return a vague reply.

「 Though your eyes indeed are pretty red and blue, you also have a lovely face. Even your hair is long, just like a girl somehow .」

The girl said that while bringing her face close and staring at my eyes. Was I being praised or being spoken ill of? I didn’t know. I thought that, at any rate, I should at least cut the hair.

「Ariel-sama! Please distance yourself!」

The handmaiden raised her voice probably thinking we were too close for opposite genders, even if we were still just kids.

「Oh please be quiet, I wanted to look at this child’s face carefully.」

A voice louder than handmaiden’s was raised. It looked like the selfish noble girl would not do as she was asked. But even so, the servant didn’t withdraw obediently.

「That’s no good! Being too close to those with heterochromia will bring misfortune.*」


It seemed it was her first time hearing it. I, on the other hand, had heard it countless times, albeit I did not know the meaning. However, with that, I learned the reason why I was hated.

Apparently, humans with the same condition as me were a sinister existence.

「What is heterochromia?」

「Just like in this boy, the color of the eyes is different.」

「Why would it bring misfortune?」

「That is…」

「If there is no reason, then there is no need to mind it. I do not believe in things like “misfortunes”. After all, its face is this pretty.」


「Be silent. If you speak another word, I will have you vanish from this house.」

「…Yes, milady.」

With a mind that would only follow her own will, this noble girl was outrageously overbearing.

Though the maid didn’t say anything else, as told, her face was clearly tinged with displeasure.

It looked like the little lady was not loved much, but then having others deal with such personality frequently, that much was obvious.

Not even giving the maid a shred of concern, the girl looked at my eyes with great interest.

「Hey, do you know how to use magic?」


「It’s magic you know? Magic.」

「There’s no way I could.」

「Is that so? Even though you have such a beautiful face.」

I couldn’t understand that talk at all. There was no way a commoner like me could use magic. It could only be used by the descendants of high-class nobles.

「…But if someone teaches you, maybe you’ll be able to?

Like I told her, there was no way I would.

「Well, let’s leave it for now. You will be residing here from now on after all, I shall find out little by little.」


「What are you surprised about?」

「Live here…?」

「Is that not natural? You are onii-sama’s pet, you know? Therefore, you are also my pet.」


「You, what is your name?」

While I was bewildered due to being called a pet, my name was asked. It seems she didn’t concern herself with people’s reactions.

Name… I couldn’t remember my name. The thing that came to my mind was not a name that belonged to me.

Just who was I?

「So you don’t even have a name? Then I shall bestow you one.」

「Ah, no.」

I absolutely didn’t want that. That’s what I thought right away.

「Then if you have one, tell me.」

「…Ryou. Ryou Moriya.」

Since I had no other choice, I told her that guy’s name. I instantly regretted it a bit.

Somehow, it was a weird name.

「…Riyo, Rio.」

It seems the little girl thought the same. It’s hard to pronounce.

「…Rion. Oh well, your name is going to be Rion, okay?」

「No, that’s n…」

「It’s Rion. I have decided. Do you have any complaints?」


Yielding to the little girl’s coercion, I accepted. I could also feel the other guy voicing out his complaints.

I told him to endure it. I was trying to do the same.

If I refused her then, this girl would, without a doubt, think of an even weirder name.

Knowing that Rion was not the worst name out there, it seems he was convinced.

「Then, Rion. After tidying up your hair, let’s dress you up afterward?」

「Hair? Tidy up?」

「You have to be beautiful to be a worthy pet.」


At last, I finally realized the meaning of the word “Pet”. Pet, animal, a being that was to be brought up by a human to love. In that case, it fit, because humans also belonged to the animal category.

Even knowing she wouldn’t say anything, I reflexively glanced towards the handmaiden looking for salvation. She said nothing while shaking her head slightly. It looked like she also had kindness in her, but since she couldn’t veto anything, her thoughts didn’t matter.

In the end, while being turned this way and that all day long, I was being toyed with by the little girl.

By tidying my hair she only meant gathering the ends together, so the length didn’t really change.

Having my hair smeared with oil brought enough difficult feelings already, but something was also spread on my face.

The clothes prepared for changing were the little girl’s hand-me-downs.

Even though I was a guy.

Another memory was added to the list of things I didn’t want to ever remember.

[2]Transgender, someone who transcends the gender fence, homosexual, bisexual… While I was indeed violated[3] by a guy before, I was not something like that at all!

HnM Translator’s Corner

Okay, i’ll be translating this and because it’s way more easier I might be able to update faster for this series. According to the arc titles (at the very least), it seems this is about the MC’s transmugation(isn’t that what they call it nowadays?) to a certain game character.It seems the author plans to keep both personality which for me, would be a bit confusing but nevertheless it’s still a promising one.

Anyway, I tried searching if anyone is translating it already but found none and it might have escaped my cyclop’s eyes (read : sore eyes) so if someone is already translating this series, tell me.



[1] The other him takes over now.

[2] He literally said transgender.

[3] This literally means raped.

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