FILWTV – 1st Chapter.

Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite
Chapter 01 : Suddenly committing murder is too heavy!

When I woke up, there were numerous stars flickering in the night sky in front of my eyes.

It was my first time seeing a night sky this beautiful ever since I was born – that impression vanished in just a moment.

Heavy stench the source of which I had no idea was drifting afloat in my surroundings.

Though I was able to move away by bearing with it, what struck me next was the pain, that ran through my whole body. I groaned while tumbling on the ground but by doing so, the situation has just worsened.

Gritting my teeth, I put up with the pain.

Though it didn’t completely diminish, the pain has calmed a little bit. Regaining my composure and checking the state of my body, it seemed the pain didn’t come from wounds but rather from something like bruises.

How did things end up this way–?

Though being drunk and picking up fights had come to mind, I had no memory of drinking any sake at all. The only thing I clearly remembered was going straight home and riding the bus from the nearest station. And–

Oy. Until when do you plan to ignore me?」

Suddenly hearing that voice, my line of thought got cut off.

Thinking about who it was I inclined my head towards where the voice came from. In that moment I forgot about the pain.

The voice came from a Caucasian boy with a slightly flushed face, blonde hair and green eyes. Though it might have sounded like the person was a cute boy, he was plump or rather carrying enough weight to become chubby. As he was staring towards me with a cheeky expression, the word “cute” never came to my mind.

Not just that, his outfit was a shirt with a lot of frills and a red necktie. Above the white tights, he was wearing navy blue pants, dressing just like the idiotic nobles coming straight from comics.

「You are?」

「You? Where’s your honorifics? How insolent!」

Even his rebuttal was as expected. My mind was all the more thrown into chaos.

「Well fine, I finally meet someone who listens. Let’s ignore the insolence.」

The boy with whom I’d normally never associate myself said those incomprehensible words, but just as he said, he was the only person I could talk to. I couldn’t afford to drive him away.

「Where is this place?」

With the boy’s question, the thought “that’s what I wanted to know” came to mind but–

「The outskirts of the slum area.」

What came out of my mouth was a totally different phrase.

「Slums.. No good!*」

The face of the boy instantly turned pale, visible even though it was a bit dim. This response was just like when someone is lost, however, what concerned me the most was where was this slum area.

The answer to that was — the northern outskirts of the Grand Flamm Kingdom capital city.

Though I had never heard of such a country, for some reason the name suddenly floated in my mind.

Something was strange. My face that had seemingly drained of blood was just the same color as the boy’s.

「Hey, you. I want to go to the main streets. Can you guide me?」

「I can, but.. I can’t.」

This time, the answer that floated in my mind was what my mouth uttered.

I had knowledge of things that I don’t really know. Though these words have also struck my mind, I didn’t even know their meaning.

「What do you mean by you can, but can’t!?  If it’s a reward, I can give you one!」

With the way, the boy was talking, as if in a hurry, my train of thought was suspended. For starters, I had to find a way to deal with this situation.

「… I’m injured so I can’t move.」

「Injured? I see. Wait a bit.」

Though I thought he would call for help, that expectation was betrayed as the boy started to move from his position. With a serious expression, he began to chant words.

「I shall bestow healing magic upon thee.」

Those were the words that I heard while listening carefully.

「Blessed wind, come and Heal!」

A little bit after the words of the boy, my whole body was suddenly caressed by the wind.

Just a small breeze. Though it was only a small amount, it was indeed the wind. Understanding the meaning behind the actions of the boy, I was astonished.

「How is it?」

The boy asked in high spirits. If it was about whether the injury had healed, then there was no mistake.

I tried to move my body cautiously.


My voice unintentionally leaked out. Though my mind had become calmer, the injury did not dissipate.

「I’m still just a child. When I grow up I will be able to do better.」

He must have had figured it out from my response. Although the boy made excuses, there was no mistake, the boy tried to heal my injury with magic.

「The pain has lessened. If it’s just walking, then I can do it.」

「I-Is that so? Then guide me.」

Rather than for the boy’s sake, I also wanted to hurry up and get out of this obviously dangerous place, so finally being able to move my body albeit still riddled with pain, I decided to get out of here.

Though it was indeed painful, it’s not as if I couldn’t move with it.

More or less, I understood the effect of the magic that the boy used.

「..This way.」

Again, my mind filled up with information of this place on its own, and though I didn’t know why, for the moment I was grateful for it.

Provided that the information was indeed correct, which I still can’t help but doubt.

Anyway, after being able to go to a safer place, I would have to ascertain my situation either from the boy or someone more knowledgeable.

That was right. That place was dangerous to both me, and the boy.

With the fear within me spontaneously breaking out, my walking pace increased.

However, those footsteps had to be stopped for a certain reason.

「Hey, so you are still alive?」

Said the man who appeared in front of me.

I know this man. My injuries were caused by this man’s violence and not just that, this man had done even worse things to me before.

He had also done things that you normally can’t tell other people about. No matter how I hated him, an existence where just hating is not enough, that was who this person had been to me.

「Well, that doesn’t matter. For now, it’s about the brat behind you.」

Sure enough, his curiosity was pointed towards the boy behind me.

A boy who obviously came from a rich family judging by the way he was dressed. For the people who live in this place, a perfectly suitable prey. Even I to a certain extent, after sending him off, had thought to take his valuables– No, that wasn’t me, but that was what had been occupying my mind.

「You’ll have to hand this brat over. This prey would just be wasted on you.」

If it was me, I would just take his belongings at most. However, when it came to this man, he would threaten the boy’s home in order to obtain the ransom. “Indeed, it would be wasted on me” – Why did such thought even enter my head, I didn’t understand.

「Insolents! Just who do you think am I?」

「Hell if I know! In this place, as long as you have lots of cash, it doesn’t matter who you are!」

「I am Vincent Woodville! I’m a noble of house Windhill!


As long as one was rich, it didn’t matter who one was. Though that man said so, it had to have limits.

House Windhill to me, or to be exact to the person within me, were a famous aristocratic family that everyone knew. It was one of the famous three aristocratic families that supported this country, and those who dared to scowl at the three families had no place in this country.

Though such thinking would be normal, that man was different. With a broad grin on his face, he walked towards the boy. Though I already knew that, that man was just hopelessly stupid– with this thought inside me, I was in complete agreement.

「If it’s for the lord’s kid, no matter what kind of demand won’t be a problem. I can mess around for all my life.」

「D-Don’t think of doing something stupid!」

「I’m not stupid!」

No matter how you thought about it, he WAS stupid, wasn’t he? The stupidity of that man didn’t matter. The problem was securing my safety. How would the surrounding people see this situation?

They would probably believe, that I fooled the kid to deliver him to that man.

Supposing that was the case, I could see the ending of my life. Though it was a life of anything goes, dying without doing even a single good thing was getting on my nerves– no that wasn’t it.  I didn’t want to die like this.

That thought reverberated through my whole body. As for who I really was back then, somehow it didn’t matter anymore.

「If you behave properly, you won’t experience any pain. As long as they pay the price, you can reunite with your family safe and sound.」

「Is that true?」

It seemed as though the boy was also an idiot. Once you saw the face of the kidnapper, there was no way that you would make it out alive.

Also, if the boy ever came back to his family, the aristocratic house would use its full strength to deliver retribution. There was no mistake, if you got caught, you’d be killed. I couldn’t think of escaping and even if I managed somehow, I didn’t have funds to fully escape that situation.

There was no other choice. I had to resolve myself.

「That’s right, so come here obediently.」

「… as I thought, I refuse. Take me to my house immediately, and if you do that, I will bestow a sufficient reward on you.」

「That’s why I said that as long as I get the money, I will send you home, right?」


This man firstly planned to finish it with a gentle face, so that the boy’s apprehensiveness would be soothed. He didn’t seem to be conscious of me at all.

Should I do it? No, I had to do it!

There was another person that stayed in my mind, and as his consciousness broke through, my body began to move accordingly.

Slowly without being noticed, I sneaked forward and approached the back of that man. I took out the knife that I was hiding. This was the only weapon I managed to keep in times like those.

All the others were taken by that man several hours ago.

This time, I definitely had to not fail.

The man seized both hands of the boy. Thanks to him squatting, the back of his head was fully exposed right before my eyes. I raised my hand over to strike at the nape of that man’s neck with my knife.

But the boy who turned his sight towards me was really an idiot.

Because of his gaze, the man turned his head back and had noticed me.

「You bastard! What are you trying to do!?」


While I shouted due to the exploding fear within me, my hand swung downwards towards the face of the man.


What remained on my hand was an unpleasant sensation, but I had no time to ponder such thoughts.

Pulling out the knife that struck that man’s mouth, I immediately swung it downwards again.

The knife stabbed towards the right eye of the man.

Not yet, I knew, because the man was still shrieking.


I struck with the knife at his face continuously.

No words came out of the man’s mouth any longer, and he slowly fell forwards.

「Haa.. Haa.. Ha..」

My breathing hurt, my heart was thumping so hard, that it almost brought pain to my chest.


「…Run away.」

「R-Run away you say..」

「Follow me, let’s hurry up and escape!」


I eagerly ran towards the path that led to the main street. Though I wanted to throw away the bloodstained knife in my hands, because my hand had stiffened, I couldn’t let go. No matter how much I shook my hand, I couldn’t let go of the weapon.

O-oy, wait! Slow down a little bit.」

The boy shouted from behind my back. Because I couldn’t leave him alone, I slowed  my pace down, as he said.

For me, the boy was an important source of money. Demanding a reward would let me obtain sufficient amount of funds.

It was capital, that I had to obtain, to get away from the capital.

「Has he died?」

「I don’t know.」

「You’ve killed someone, huh?」

「If I didn’t do so, I would be the one killed.」

「Is that so.」

And so, the boy once again turned silent. Though I didn’t really want to kill a person, it was better to do so than being killed.

I killed a person. Because of the words of the boy, that thought finally weighed down on me.

Suddenly, my hands began to tremble. The knife that I couldn’t let go of before easily slipped out of my hand. The shaking has spread towards my whole body resulting in my feet halting.

Oy! What’s the matter?」

I couldn’t even make myself answer the boy’s question anymore.

Hey? Are you alright? We have to hurry and escape.」

I knew that much. I killed that man, but he had comrades. If I didn’t get out of the slum area, next time I would be the one to be killed.

However, no matter what, I could not move. It was not as if my body wasn’t really capable of moving. It was because my consciousness began turning hazy, to the point I couldn’t even hear the voice of the boy anymore.

「….! Hur….! Where….!?」

I could neither understand him anymore nor had the strength to think about it.

And so my consciousness was slowly swallowed by darkness.


When I woke up, in front of me was a grainy, wooden ceiling.  It seemed that for some reason, I was sleeping on a bed.

It was a dream — is what I thought but, I noticed that the ceiling in front of me was not something that was familiar.

I rose in panic and glanced around, the surroundings of the bed had a retro feeling to them, with refined furniture in place, a western-styled room.

Inclining my head towards my right, I noticed another person.

Upon noticing, I instantly began to feel awfully down.

That person approached the bed.

「It seems you have woken up. I will report it, so I will leave for a bit. Please wait for me right here.」

Brown hair and blue eyes. No matter how you looked at her, she was not Japanese. In addition, she was wearing a maid uniform and had a calming voice.

She left the room.

It seemed I was still in the dream. If I was already awake then that was

Being able to calm myself, I decided to think about things.

What was that world?– I couldn’t come up with an answer to the question.

What was that country called? — The Gran Flamm Kingdom was the certain answer that floated in my mind.

Just who was I?  Moriya Ryou was the name that floated in my mind. That was obvious.

However, inside me, there was another person. There could be no mistake about it.

What should I do from there on? Did that person within me know?

Where was I born?  The answer was Tokyo.

It just wouldn’t go well at all. As long as I was still “myself”, was it not possible to ask for answers? The other me, before I lost consciousness, did the information floating in my head at that time come from him?

Thinking about it, what I was pondering then was useless speculation. For now, I had to attempt to do everything on my own.

Where was my house in the town– the answer, the address came to my mind. There was a decrepit shelter made of planks that seemed to serve as my bedroom. Various things were scattered around the floor.

My way of inquiring my other self was successful.

I tried asking about my parents, so to speak, in this world. As I thought, there were none. If you also questioned the other me, the answer would be the same. I had no parents.

Who was the man I killed? The name Dan surfaced in my mind. It was a man whom I knew by the name. Also, that Dan was someone whom I hated a lot. It was a man that I didn’t know, but was hated by the other me.

Why was that? Having asked my head that, I immediately regretted that decision. A lot of memories began to flood in. Him throwing abusive language at me was the norm, receiving violence was also frequent. It was not just that. That man called Dan, has also sexually assaulted me before. The me, who was also a male.

That moment, as the feeling of humiliation surfaced on my mind, I began to nurture hate against him.

That was right. It was me, myself.

Around this time, I began to realize, that my body was also small. Though the long hair that stretched down, was the same color I was used to, the skin of my body seemed paler.

It was likely, that rather than I having turned into a child, I had broken into the body of the other me. Was it possession or reincarnation, I did not know, but for the time being, that was just how it was.

I was in a different world than the one that I had been born into. As for me on that other world, he most likely had already died.

I tried pulling the memories from before when I had been riding the bus. What I could remember was only riding the bus from the station, entering the ring road and the inside of the bus turning strangely bright. It was not the light that you would experience upon reincarnating. I could clearly recognize, that the strange light, that brightened the inside of the bus, was coming from some other source.

When trying to remember what happened next, I couldn’t recall anything.

Trying to make sense of it from there, maybe I instantly died from a collision accident. I shouldn’t have sat on that seat. Because I had been young, I should’ve had continued standing and maybe by having done that, I wouldn’t have had died.

Thinking about such things, for now, would be moot.

For now, I would think about things that I had to focus my thoughts on.

The other me was suggesting, that I should leave the capital immediately. It was due to fear of revenge from that Dan’s comrades.

With that, I was in full agreement. Even I didn’t want to die at all.

However the problem was, the current me was an orphan and had no one to rely on. I only managed to keep on living by eating the food scraps of the slums. In order to escape, I needed money and skills among other things.

That was not it, there’s something I had to figure out before that.

Where was this place?

Had I escaped?

Was it possible, that I had been caught already by someone who should never have caught me?

I immediately got out of my bed and glanced towards the window. I could see blue sky spreading outside the window. Below me was a beautiful garden and I was on the third floor. It would be impossible to escape through the window.

Moving towards the door, a sound coming from other side entered my ears. As if in the right timing, I suddenly heard a woman’s voice.

「Lady Ariel! You must not go! You must not approach that room!」

I didn’t have to listen carefully because it clearly entered my ears. Knowing the meaning behind those words, I immediately returned to bed.

Just as I did so, the door opened roughly. Slowly turning my head towards the door, what I saw there, was the same blonde and green eyes of the boy from the slum area, except this time it was a girl.

The girl was not chubby at all, she also had very striking, almond shaped eyes. Overall, she had a lovely face.

That girl who approached me with a cheeky glare began to gaze in my direction.

The words, that came from the girl as she opened her mouth were.

「Fuun~ I see, so you are the pet that my esteemed brother brought with him.」

It was the most impolite word.

I took back all my previous remarks. She was not cute at all, she was just an impudent young girl. That was, what I thought, but my curiosity was piqued by a word that the girl said.

Esteemed brother has brought?」

「That’s right. The filthy boy, that that older brother of mine has brought with him.」

Though filthy was a bit excessive, I wasn’t in the position to voice complaints.

「By brought you meant?」

「You, who fell unconscious in that slum, was brought up by that older brother of mine on his back, and was saved by him.」

「He… on his back.」

Though I was concerned, as to why would she press the word “that” every time, the fact that the boy carried me here was certain.

「That’s right.」

「Which means, this house is?」

「Oh my, haven’t you heard me? This place is the mansion of Marquess Windhill.」

For some reason, while puffing her chest, the girl declared such. Thinking that it was strangely cute, I couldn’t help but smile.

Being brought to that boy’s house, perhaps I could rest with ease now.

「What are you smiling at?」

The girl asked me, who had smile floating in his face.

「I’m thinking that I’m saved.」


The girl whom I answered, began to look at me in displeasure.

「Is there something wrong?」

「You way of speaking. How impertinent for something like a pet.」

「Saying pet..」

「I am a person of nobility you know? Your way of speaking does not fit your company!」

「That… I apologize for my presumptuousness milady.」

This was my carelessness. This girl was a noble and I was a commoner. It was likely, that I belonged to the lowest class as a person who lived in the slums.

For this world, to have a different class system to my former world, it had to be a rough world.

「Oh my, it seems you can properly speak.」

Merely a bit, Miss.」

「Well, as long as you are properly disciplined around those parts, then it’s good.」


For this girls, it seemed, I was just a pet to the very end.

「But before that, your attire. Your hair is unkempt, in addition somehow… you smell.」

「Do I smell bad, Miss?」

「You do.  It’s a very unpleasant smell.」

My apologies.」

To be blunt, those words hurts my feelings, but as for the girl, it seemed she didn’t really care about that in the slightest.



As the girl called, the appearance of the attendant behind her was that of a woman. It’s probably her handmaiden.

「Make this thing clean. Brush his body, tidy up his hair, give him a suitable appearance becoming of a pet of the heir of the house Windhill. 」

「Yes. Certainly.」

Was the pet treatment already decided?

「Well then, when you’ve become tidy, I’ll meet you again.」

「I will meet you again.」

I will await that anxiously milady.」

「Yes. Well then, excuse me.」

It seems that was the right answer. The girl with the aloofly composed expression left the room.

What remained was me and the handmaiden.

「This way.」

She had a dismissive look and, as it subsided, I was told to follow her.

It seemed I was not very welcome. I didn’t really mind that. It wasn’t as if I would be there for long.

Only to let the pressing danger pass. The next hurdle would be to obtain a reward and gain a fund big enough to leave the capital.

I wondered what I should do to achieve the goal. There was too much to think of and it felt like my head would explode.

But even so, I had to properly think about it. Me now wasn’t capable of anything but thinking after all.

HnM’s Translator Corner:

This header is about HnO, I actually just tried  to continue translating the chapter 8, however I have stumbled upon many obstacles in which I couldn’t make sense at all. I could opt to ask for help but I was thinking that maybe it would be better to give it to someone who can deliver it better.

That’s why I’m in dilemma on whether to drop it or not.

Anyway, new series, enjoy!

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