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Chapter 5: Technique God’s Evil Eye

Part 1:

One year has passed since Merea reincarnated.

For Merea, ever since the day of his reincarnation, he never had even a spare time to breathe. Nevertheless, he felt like he only managed to desperately survive the ‘Spartan training’ of the spirits.


「Erm, this technique can be done like this, while this technique requires various elements woven together,  this… a-aah! Why are letters and symbols mixed together? Just who the heck came up with this!?」


That day Merea, while surrounded by three female spirits, was studying the complex patterns carved on a stone tablet. Tracing them with his very fingers, muttering complaints, and at times scratching his head.

On the other hand, the three beautiful female spirits watching Merea with grin in their faces said–

「Yes, this one’s different.   This technique is no goodー.  If you do it like that, you won’t be able to emit flames.」

「Haa..  Really, just who the heck is it? The one who made this thing.」

「Who knows? Isn’t it god? These techniques are similar to physical phenomena after all.  Why living things came to being or why the speed of light is determined on a fixed value. If you question those kind of things, the answer you will eventually came up would be “That’s just the way they are.」

「I know, I know that already! It’s just the complexity of these things are too stupid that I couldn’t help but inadvertently complain! 」


Merea was receiving lectures regarding 『Magic』 that day.

Specifically called as magic, they are phenomenon created by various 〈Techniques〉 and can be made possible to happen by utilizing『Mana』as a source.」

〈Techniques 〉 are various methods or ways of making the magical phenomena occur.


Determining the world providence, sometimes by utilizing the power of the soul language, using such techniques to make it a reality.

(TN: This, I’m not very sure :  世界の摂理を計算し、ときには言霊の力を組み込み、そこに術素という燃料を投じ、現実に起こす。)

Though at times there exist some consistency in it, the arrangement of the letter and shapes for techniques in order to make such phenomena happen at will, , are a complete mess.

For starters, one must get used to the technique’s language system in order for things to turn out their way.

Physical trainings are used to carve techniques into his body as a hero, this kind of training on the other hand is where you pound and burn out your head, and if you ask Merea, the latter is more tire some than the former.


「Though you’ve built up splendid muscles during the first year already, you have to put some more effort into it, though from our perspective, having a good muscular body is fairly splendid in itself already.」

「Then, where’s my dinner? 」

「Eh? This and that is different. If you do not do it properly, even having a splendid muscular body won’t earn you dinner, you know? 」

「Hmph, wearing such a happy smile in your faces…」

「Alright, then analyze this technique and learn the countermeasure techniques also. 」

「Ugh, my head hurts… do you really have to resort to such extreme measures? 」

「You have Flounder Crow’s evil eyes after all, if you do not have the knowledge of techniques to make use of that properly, it will just become a useless possession.」


With that said to Merea, he glanced upon the water container placed above the stone tablet.

His own faces was reflected on the surface of the water

Pure white hair, and red eyes.

His red eyes that were seemingly inherited from Flounder


――〈Technique God Flounder Crow’s Evil Eyes.〉


–or so it was called.


―― Indeed, thanks to these eyes, the composition of the techniques I have to learn was huge but…

〈Technique God’s Evil Eye〉 can see through composition of technique.

Though in most techniques, it becomes impossible to see through within the phenomena when it already occurred, but with 〈Technique God’s Evil Eye〉 it becomes possible to see through them even from the exterior.

And thereby, after being able to read through your opponent’s technique and being able to counter it with the corresponding countermeasure techniques, it’s possible to render the said technique invalid.

Though you can also win the battle by hitting your opponent’s technique with a technique of an even higher fire power, in such cases, if you do not know the gist of the nature of your opponents’ technique, you’ll be hopeless.

It’s exactly due to that, because the method of absorbing your opponent’s technique, or deflecting your opponents’ technique would be hard to do just by brute force alone.

There are also times that your opponent could use ‘engraving technique’ or the act of carving curse symbols into things to attach a limitation or restraints to living things.
There is also a corresponding countermeasure techniques to deal with such. The way of countermeasure for that is to alter the composition of such techniques.


That’s why the spirits were earnestly stuffing the theorem of techniques into the head of Merea.


「 The ideal way is the degree of deflection. The moment you read the technique of the opponent by using the 〈Technique God’s Evil Eye〉, you must immediately use the countermeasure technique to deflect it. If you can’t event reach up to that level, you won’t pass you know?」

「But deflecting is…」

「Do it without complaining.」



Though the spirits are gentle except on their trainings already, be they woman or a man, when it comes to training they’re excessive like Spartans.



Part 2:

Merea, while utilizing 〈Technique God – Flounder Crow’s Evil Eyes〉 have begun reading the technique used by various great spirits. Furthermore, in order to come up with a counter measure technique properly, firstly he must–


「Ng, gu guah…! 」

「Alright, one minute.   -oops.」

「Shut up! 」


It took exactly a minute.

–Read them, understanding the technique by using the combination of characters and symbols and familiarizing the combinations by using their final composition.

This time, in order to properly reverse it, performing the countermeasure technique.

Not necessarily having to reverse the symbols but just having the characters reversed alone won’t result to a successful countermeasure technique.

This is because the mirror opposite of the symbols has an entirely different effect compared to the relevant symbols.


That’s why, Merea is stuffing various technique theories into his head.

From the well-known technique theories, even the theories of the secluded people living in the distant regions, similar to secret ceremonies.

From the various technique from the various spirits’ birthplace, up to the techniques used by the heroic spirits themselves when they were alive, their various technique have different methods.

Upon applying the various theories stuffed in his head, coming up with various potential countermeasures for each technique, and finally using the one that seemed most effective.

The process is too long.

To be exact, at first coming up with a proper countermeasure technique usually takes a minute.


「In that minute, you would’ve died already.」

「I know..」

「Though at first, using a barrier countermeasure is good but, but in the distant future, an attack-type countermeasure will get you more fired up.」

「An attack type?」

「Not defending but countering the technique of your opponent and turning it against him is a more effective way in rendering it invalid. As for my black flame technique, the attack type countermeasure for it would probably be the white flame technique, so by altering the technique and deflecting it back, you will be able to shot first. It’s the ultimate way of countering.」

「Being able to alter the spell and being able to shot first.」

「There’s an opening before a technique converts mana into a magical phenomenon after all.  Though the activation of the master practitioners are really fast, there is a guaranteed time to analyze it before that. Even if you don’t use flounder’s evil eyes, if you read ahead of the technique, you could come up with a proper countermeasure technique by reflex or so it seems. Well, even if you don’t become that monstrous, if you are a superior practitioner, estimating the technique’s intensity upon just by seeing it activate is a pretty common.」

「Just now, didn’t you say monstrous? I’m being likened to monsters!! 」

「Don’t worry, having 〈Technique God’s Evil Eyes〉, 〈Iron Body of the War God〉 and inheriting the characteristics of various heroic spirits, you’ve already became way past a proper human being a long time ago.」

「『Don’t worry』 my ass!* 」
(*TN: I edited that a bit to a more fitting rebuttal comparable to the original.)

「Did the vessel of the soul grew? I’m not really sure about those parts but, I wonder if Technique God Flounder Crow, knows.」


Muttering that, the female spirit continued emitting relentless techniques by surprise attacks.




Part 3:

And so, approximately three years has passed since training of the heroic spirit happened.
Seemingly in just the twinkle of the eye, Merea grew up.


「Then lastly, three at the same time.」


That day, in front of the three spirits, he began to put his arms that started to feel light on guard.
He was preparing for battle.

The woman facing him on the other hand, stretched their arms in front of them,


「Flaming Lance! 」

「Thunderous Lance! 」

「Water Lance! 」


-and began to emit various spells.

The instantly casted technique begun to immediately form in their hands but, immediately after the flame, thunder and water spears began to take form, the composition of their spells is no more visible.

There is almost no delay or lag in the techniques emitted by the three women.

That itself is the proof of their excellence in their techniques.


However, to Merea’s sight, the composition of the techniques can be seen as clear as day.


In that instant, Merea began to devise different kinds of formula in various ways.

Various symbols from the technique’s language started to form from Merea’s hands and then spread out resembling a battle formation, beginning to form a barrier seemingly like a shield.

Various spears began to strike the barrier technique that protected Merea.

And so–


「–Un, I’m giving you a passing mark. Well that’s pretty acceptable.」


The barrier that the spears collided into, in that moment dissipated.

The counter measure he made, was a barrier that neutralizes spells that collides into it.


「Finally! It took three years!!!」

「It took ten years for me though. Compared to me, you are more talented. How strange, even though you came from a world without such techniques. 」


Coming towards Merea, while scratching his head was Flounder who had an enthusiastic smile in his face.

The former owner of Merea’s evil eyes.

Right after Merea inherited it upon being born, the 「Technique God’s Evil Eyes」 ceased to exist from Flounder’s spiritual body.

However, apart from being the former possessor, it was also Flounder who taught Merea how to use the evil eyes.


「If Flounder himself says that, it makes me happy. But it’s also thanks to Flounder’s guidance that I became like this right? 」

「That’s right, isn’t it? 」

「It was thanks to all of you that I was able to perform this much, is what I think. 」

「If you say that much, those three would also surely feel glad.」


Saying that, Flounder began to point his fingers towards the three female spirits and being guided by it, Merea who glanced towards the three was suddenly at lost for words.


Those three female spirits, the appearance of their body is becoming thinner and seemingly about to disappear.




Merea who inadvertently voiced stupefied sound, rushed towards the three female spirits.
The three female spirits facing him had a gentle smile in their faces.


「That’s right. It seems our regrets have already ran out of fuel. I wonder why, I feel like I could grasp how Leilace felt on that time. 」

「For Leilace, having properly given birth to a child is her greatest happiness though. Just how happy did that girl felt?」

「Leilace, died pretty young after all.」

(TN: You might have noticed but I changed Reyrat to Leilace because it seems more feminine. Is it fine?)




An anxious expression resurfaced on Merea’s face.

However, the three spirits only caressed Merea’s head consecutively.


「It means being at peace, it’s the same for us. I thought I had a more complicated regret but it seems I became satisfied in just raising you up. Well it’s probably because we also never had a child when we are alive.  Really, motherhood is pretty troublesome.」

「Merea, at first we thought of making you a hero for the sake of exacting revenge to those bastards who betrayed us but now we don’t want you to burden you with such things. Binding the freedom of a child to something like that won’t be good for the heart after all.」

「That’s just how it is, so live as you see fit, Merea.  However, because you’re a man, you must at least have the power to protect those important to you. 」


Three voices resounded and after that..


— The three spirits disappeared.

(TN: I crie everiteim)


Next to Merea, Flounder who was glancing towards the sky,


「With this, the holy mountain will become quite melancholic again.」


–softly muttered those words.

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