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      1. no need to worry every great translator start from the bottom right now you might only have a litle number of reader but who know in the future if you still translating and keep working hard who know you might have a thousand of reader.

  1. Hi enoryc
    I did a pick up request in NUF and I never thought that there is a translation for it so I am thankful I found your website. Also I already put a tag that it picked and put you url.

    1. I see, this was actually requested by an acquaintance for me to translate or rather the whole idea of translating things. I didn’t know much about the things regarding on the forums. but really because this seems to be an interesting word I plan to translate as I read. Anyway, plenty of thanks for that as well.

      Also my translation quality might be bad, but bear with me lol

      1. People learn with time don’t worry about it. Also if you find anything hard to translate ask Monkoto or try Novel updates forum translator corner they will help you.

    2. I found you Amash! Looks like someone picked it up for you ^_^b

      @enoryc, thank you for picking this up. I read quite a bit into and found it very interesting. If you ever have any questions about translations, please feel free to contact me~

        1. The part in Ch2 欲張ってはいない。才能がある、ない、ではないのだ。ただ気高く、孤高にさえ負けず、荒風に負けぬ強い意志を持つ魂が来れば、ほかは何も言うまい

          “I’m not being covetous. In regards to the soul’s talent, having or lacking doesn’t matter. I won’t complain as long as the soul has a strong, noble spirit to not despair from isolation or rough times”

          Just my rough interpretation of it. Also, good job so far! Keep it up~

    1. I’m planning on releasing as I read so there’s no definite release schedule but at the very least I’ll make sure to release 1-2 chapters every week. I’ve originally planned on doing so, every sunday. But currently I might end up releasing often because I wanted to finish the volume one already, the prologue before his journey is too long after all and I want to get past that.

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